Let’s start by discussing what rehabilitation is and how it works. Rehabilitation in the general sense is getting back to the normal life of a victimized person who has done something wrong and has been imprisoned for that, and this process of rehabilitation starts after imprisonment. This process includes more training to get back to normal life and to keep track of their mental health. The path is often paved with so many hours including therapy and education and more. In the legal sense, it means that a criminal needs rehab for the crime to not be repeated in the future again. And the process of rehab doesn’t just include educating and therapy, it is more of the right process or processes to straighten the mind of the convicted person.

What is Rape?

Rape is an unlawful sexual activity; the act of rape is very heinous. This activity is against the will and consent of the person which duly affects the mental health and the physical health of the victim. It may be said that the sexual intercourse of a man with a woman against her will, and it is forcefully. Though the definition of rape has been changed for many years. Rape is a manifestation of a process wherein women are objectified as the property of men. There are many cases in many countries of Rape. The only thought of therapists is to create fear in the minds of the victims and they desire to punish, cause pain and take revenge with them. 

The general age wherein the rape happens more often will be across 14-18 years of age. Sexual intercourse with a person below the prescribed age will be said as statutory rape. Sexual assault or sexual violence will affect a person very badly. 

Who are rape victims?

Generally, the rape victim is the one who has been affected by sexual assault in the form of rape. The activities carried out will be with physical force, violence, and who is incapable of valid consent can be termed as a rape victim. These circumstances will affect the victims very badly.

The consequences of rape to a woman or man can be classified as physical, mental, or emotional. Rape victims are the ones who are faced with sexual assault or violence either way known as rape and this is totally against their wills. There are certain cases, they are raped very badly and which leads to the death of the victim. And, in certain cases, they are raped and this doesn’t lead to the situation of death. Rape victims go through a lot of difficulties.

Consequences of rape:

There are many consequences that any consequences lead to bad situations and decisions in life further, these may be either physically or mentally:

– Unwanted pregnancy: The most immediate of rape may give a rise to chances of pregnancy. Now, it depends upon the age of the victim, for the conceiving of the child. In most rape cases, wherein the women get pregnant they opt to abort the child; it is because of the illegal criminal act done against them.

– Exposure to diseases: They may be exposed to some of the diseases which are transmitted due to sexual intercourse. This would lead to long-term or short-term disease and sometimes it may take life too.

– Damage to the body organs: Rape being forceful intercourse, will appear to damage some of the organs of the body part. The risk is more around the age of teenage girls. During the rape or after the rape they will be torturing or harassing them by beating them up very harshly. This might even end up losing their lives.

– Trauma: The effect of rape is psychologically a trauma. The victims are exposed to some mental and different trauma which may lead to taking any dangerous steps. The effect will be shown whenever they try to socialize with a group of people or especially with men. The effects last longer till the victim’s lifetime. 

– Suicidal tendencies: The most effective thought for a victim would be suicide. Because of the blame, pity, the trauma they n longer have the hope to live their lives and will be in a thought that they might not recover from it anytime sooner.

Rehabilitation of rape victims:

The idea of rehabilitation of rape victims is a very thought-provoking concept. This usually gives victims a better idea of when to start looking for them. The rehab changes everything. It is usually a process that involves long hours of therapy. Therapy is the process to change their thinking. It is to restore a good condition so he or she can effectively operate again in the real world which involves a lot of time and analysis. During the rehab plan, the right decisions should be made so that the process of rehab goes well. 

Rehab for rape victims would be a better idea. Because it gives them another chance to build themselves and face the real world again. This process includes a lot of education, analysis which lasts up to longer hours. They analyze how a victim can be recovered from the trauma. This process of rehab varies from one victim to another. The ultimate aim is to get out the fear, trauma and straighten out the mind of the victim. This process is truly a lifesaver. Rehab processes last longer than usual because it goes in-depth to understand the victim and get that victim to a normal person again. It includes counseling sessions and many more processes which are to make the victim positive and ensure safety. They have suffered a lot, through which they won’t come up easily and tell clearly, the process of rehab involves interactive therapy. By all the processes it is just to ensure that they won’t have any negative thoughts in their mind and which may lead to bad decisions in life.


Therefore, the process of rehab for rape victims is one of the essential processes these days. It indicates a lot more things, which help them to face the real world again. Hence, this process involves a lot of therapy which involves a lot of hours. It leads to a good path which is by the process of therapy and education given to them. Therefore, Rehabilitation for rape victims plays an important role for the rape victims.

The article has been written by Saba Banu, a 3rd-year law student from Pendekanti Law College Hyderabad.

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