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Introduction “Victims” are individuals or groups who have suffered harm, including physical or mental injury, emotional suffering, economic loss, or substantial impairment of their fundamental rights, as a result of acts or omissions that violate criminal laws in force within the Member States, including those prohibiting criminal abuse of power.Continue Reading

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INTRODUCTION Numerous legal challenges, from intellectual property protection to space finance, are raised by cross-border investment in private space activities as well as the dynamically shifting nature of space firms. These issues call for legal clarity. As a result of these concerns, states have passed national space laws to handleContinue Reading

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Introduction Foreign Portfolio Investment is holding financial assets in a country other than in the investor’s own country. It is an investment in mutual funds, bonds and securities (stocks, American Depositary Receipts, or Global Depository Receipts) of companies headquartered outside the investor’s nation. The transaction of foreign securities occurs atContinue Reading

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Introduction The significance and relic of schooling in Kerala are highlighted by the state’s positioning as among the most educated in the country. The instructive change of Kerala was set off by the endeavors of the Congregation Mission Society ministers, who advanced mass training in Kerala, in the early manyContinue Reading

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Introduction Money is a major factor in people’s lives in the modern world. With the transition from cash to banknotes to credit-rated playing cards, there is a clear rise in financial fraud. It has become necessary for third parties to help with transaction processing, buyer-seller mediation, storage of products andContinue Reading

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When discussing the idea of plea bargaining, the adage “Justice delayed is justice denied” has the utmost weight. Although the quantity of court cases pending is astounding, people have come to accept it as routine. Because individuals have begun to accept this as their fate, these startling statistics are noContinue Reading

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CASE NUMBER Appeal case filed in Calcutta High Court against the order of acquittal passed by Session Court of Midnapore in trial no 18 of March, 1980. EQUIVALENT CITATIONS 1984 CriLJ 1535 BENCH B. Chakrabarthi, J. Chaudhri DECIDED ON 16 June, 1983 RELEVANT SECTION/ ACT Indian Penal Code, 1860 SectionContinue Reading

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Introduction Children are viewed as the personification of innocence in a human form. Children are the most pristine manifestations of humanity because they are unaffected by materialistic concerns. It is true that a nation’s fate can be effectively predicted by the state of its women and children. However, when kidsContinue Reading