Case Number 1952 M. No. 2170 Case Citation [1953] 1 All ER 779 Bench Harman J. Decided On 23rd February 1953  Section Partnership- Dissolution Facts of the Case The plaintiff and the defendants were partners in a partnership at will and conducted the business of fashion and commercial photographers.  TheContinue Reading

What is a Copyright? Copyright is one of the intellectual property rights automatically provided to the author or creator of original work, giving them the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the copyrighted work. The creator might apply for a copyright for original and unpublished works, including literary, dramatic, musical,Continue Reading

Case Number (1906) AC 494 (PC) Bench The Earl of Halsbury, Lord Macnaghten, Sir Arthur Wilson, Sir Alfred Wills Author of the Judgement Lord Macnaghten Decided On 16 July 1906 Brief Facts and Procedural History There was a partnership between Goldberg- a land speculator, Trimble- an auctioneer and Bennet- aContinue Reading

INTRODUCTION Nemo in propria causa judex, esse debet, which means no one should be made judge in his or her own cause. It is the principle of Natural Justice. This maxim further says that the persons who are provided with the authority of giving decisions must be impartial and shouldContinue Reading

Unlawful Consideration and Object

Case Number 41 L.J. Ex. 157 Equivalent Citation (1872) L.R. 7 Ex. 218 Bench Kelly, C.B. and Martin, B. Decided on 1872 Relevant Act/ Section Law of Partnership Act, 1865 – section 19 (Duty of a partner as an agent of the firm) Brief Facts and Procedural History The backgroundContinue Reading

INTRODUCTION The Indian economy was up for competition in the year 1990. And with competition, disputes and conflicts came. That requires quick decisions on disputes and proper negotiations to minimize the chances of disputes. To solve this problem, the Government of India enacted the Arbitration Conciliation Act, 1996(amended in 2015Continue Reading

About the Custodial rape Under section 376 of IPC, whoever commits rape shall be punished with rigorous imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than ten years, but which may extend to imprisonment for life. Section 375 of IPC defines rape and Section 376 dealsContinue Reading

Sedition Law and its Brief History The Indian Penal Code came into force in 1860 under British India prepared by Lord Macaulay. In IPC’s 1st draft sedition was not included. It was introduced after 10 years from the enforcement of IPC in the year 1870. This was done to curbContinue Reading