INTRODUCTION A much unconventional investment, such as stocks, bonds, or cash, is often categorized as an alternative investment. These are privately pooled funds that invest in venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, infrastructure, and other types of investments that form public equities or debt securities. Because of their complexity, lack of liquidity,Continue Reading

This article is written by Indra Priyadarshini, a student of Alliance University, Bangalore. This article discusses investor’s protection. It also gives a brief on the measures taken by SEBI in this regard and the relevant provisions of the Companies Act, 2013.  INTRODUCTION Investors have a very important and crucial roleContinue Reading

This is authored by Janaki Nair a 3rd year B. A. LLB student in Symbiosis Law School Pune. The following article revolves around the impact that tax imposition would have on businesses of different capacities in India and around the world.   INTRODUCTION  Taxation refers to how the Government of aContinue Reading

This article is written by Indra Priyadarshini, a student of Alliance University, Bangalore. This article discusses the role and significance of audit committees in India. INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION The main purpose of establishing good corporate governance is to bring about a more transparent and accountable system. As the number of corporate scandalsContinue Reading

This article is authored by Sujata Porwal, third year BA LLB (Hons.) student at Symbiosis Law School, Pune. The article focuses on the concept of insider trading and its applicability in India and abroad. Understanding Insider Trading The term ‘insider trading’ resembles the structure of multifarious definitions in the businessContinue Reading

This article is written by Gaurav Purohit, a 3rd Year student of Amity University, Rajasthan INTRODUCTION An investor is an individual who allots capital with the desire for a financial return. There are various types of investors, for example, sweat equity investors, angel investors, venture capital, etc Sweat equity hasContinue Reading

This article is written by Mahenoor Khan, a student of Rizvi Law College Background Before getting into details of what lifting of the corporate veil is we shall know what is the company, For a better understanding of application doctrine in the corporate world,  Thus, The word ‘Company’ is derivedContinue Reading

This article has been written by Navneet Chandra. Picture credits to Introduction Competition means economic rivalry between entities or companies, to draw the highest number of consumers and earn the most profit. Competition law is also called in some countries as Antitrust law. Free and fair competition is essentialContinue Reading

This article has been written by Yash Mittal who’s pursuing LLB-1year from Mewar Law Institute. This article gives insights about FCRA, Its objectives, its previous and recent amendments. A Finance Bill is a Bill that, as the name suggests, concerns the country’s finances — it could be about taxes, governmentContinue Reading