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Unlawful Consideration and Object

The article is written by ADV. ZUBA PARVEZ BUBERE Introduction: The Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices (MRTP) Act, 1969 was primarily enacted to control the formation of monopolies, prevent economic assemblage of power in the hands of few, and prohibit monopolistic and restrictive trade practices. Over time, the provisions ofContinue Reading

-ZUBA PARVEZ BUBERE, LL.M., BUSINESS AND CORPORATE LAW, SYMBIOSYS LAW SCHOOL, PUNE INTRODUCTION In an era of growing Shareholder Activism and Corporate Democracy, the landscape has clearly changed dramatically and indeed, positively. In the present scenario, one of the primary objectives of activist shareholders is to pressurize firms to consistentlyContinue Reading


Author’s Profile Lalit Ajmani is an experienced advocate with a demonstrated history of working in a wide range of matters including recovery disputes, insolvency disputes, consumer disputes, real estate disputes, arbitration matters, matrimonial disputes, and others. He is a graduate of one of the best National Law Universities and hasContinue Reading


This article is written by Yash Dodani, a student of NALSAR University, Hyderabad . The law has impact on every aspect of the society and essentially in every issue which comes in a society. It shapes itself as and when the issue comes up in the picture of the society.Continue Reading