This article is written by Akhilandeswari Bonam,a student of Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam, Tirupati. INTRODUCTION Means and Methods of Warfare are the procedures by which the military commanders used the weapons in conflicts.Where conflicts arise between two armed forces or civilians, the military commanders use the strategies of methods ofContinue Reading

This article is written by Tulip Das, currently pursuing BBA L.L.B(H) from Amity University Kolkata.  INTRODUCTION International humanitarian law (IHL), also referred to as the laws of armed conflict, is the law that governs the conduct of war (Jus in Bello). It is a part of international law which attemptsContinue Reading

This article is written by Anushka Singh, a second-year student, pursuing BBA-LLB at Unitedworld School of Law, Karnavati University. This article aims to explain International Criminal Court and laws on global terrorism with the help of a flashback to the Rome Conference 1998. INTRODUCTION The International Criminal Court is headContinue Reading

This article is written by Siddhi P. Nagwekar, a student of Karnataka State Law University’s Law School. This article discusses the General Principles of International Law and helps understand its functionalities as a source of International Law. INTRODUCTION The ‘general principles’ can be regarded either as a descriptive or aContinue Reading

This article has been written by Nimisha Mishra, a second-year student of NALSAR University of Law. In this article, the author has explained the various ways through which international disputes can be settled keeping in mind the advancing society. Keeping the rising disputes among states in mind the number ofContinue Reading

This is article has been written by Pranit Bhagat, pursuing BA-LLB at ILS Law College, Pune. In this article, we intended to provide rule of law practitioners with a review of the historical developments that have shaped the concept of the rule of law and summarize competing contemporary theories. ItContinue Reading

This article has been written by Alok Kumar. This article deals with the topic of COVID-19 and effect of this virus on international relations and how what is the solution for all these issues which is the world is facing right now. INTRODUCTION One must observe the amazing date ofContinue Reading