This case analysis is written by Nikhat Fatima Chaudhary currently pursuing Law from Rizvi Law College. Case Number Cr. A. No. 21.4 of 1969. Equivalent Citations 1973 AIR 819, 1973 SCR (2) 728 Bench DUA, I.D. Decided On 27/10/1972 Relevant Act/Section Section 361 Section 366 Brief Facts and Procedural HistoryContinue Reading

This article is written by Khan Mahenoor Barsati, a student of Rizvi Law College. Equivalent Citation AIR 1974 SC 244, 1974 CriLJ 324, (1974) 3 SCC 623 Bench S Dwivedi, Y Chandrachud Decided on 19 November 1973 Relevant Act and Section Section 304 Section 302 Brief Facts and Procedural History OnContinue Reading

This article is written by Navneet Chandra, a student of Central University of South Bihar, Gaya Equivalent citations 1973 AIR 473, 1973 SCR (3) 57 Bench DUA, I.D., Alagiriswami, A., Vaidyialingam, C.A. Decided on 11 December 1972 Act Indian Penal Code (Act 45 of 1860), Ss. 100 and 102-Right ofContinue Reading

This case analysis is written by Khan Mahenoor Barsati, a student of Rizvi Law college Case No Criminal Appeal No. 66 of 1969 Equivalent Citation AIR 1972 SC 685, 1972 CriLJ 496, (1972) 3 SCC 18, 1972 (4) UJ 487 SC Bench Justice D Palekar and Justice P J ReddyContinue Reading

This article has been written by Shubham Khandelwal currently pursuing BBA.LLB from FIMT, IP University. In the below-given article, you’ll get to know the necessary information about “Types of Custodies” in India. What is Custody? The word ‘guardianship’ signifies capturing somebody for defensive consideration. The words “authority” and “capture” areContinue Reading

Feminism as a concept emerged in the society in the late 1960’ and early 1970s. Before this, the notion of equal rights for all was missing the sphere. The prevalent norm was and is still continuing is the dominance of men is out society. Domination by men is deep-rooted andContinue Reading

This article has written by Khan Mahe. Picture credits to Warrant It is a written order provided by a judicial officer or other empowered person ordering a law implementation officer to perform some act for the administration of justice, hence A warrant is indispensable if an arrest is toContinue Reading

This article has been written by Yash Mittal, pursuing LLB 1 year from Mewar Law Institute. This article consists of the brief history of the most distressing case of gang rape which happened in Delhi followed by the timeline, mass protest, amendments in laws and affects. On the dark nightContinue Reading

This article has been written by Niti Shah. Picture credits to Facts of the Case December 16, 2017, will always be remembered because of the gang-rape of a  paramedical student. She wanted to become a physiotherapist. The incident she went through had triggered nationwide protests which also led toContinue Reading