Abstract The pay gap is an issue for our country because it prohibits the country to become a superpowerin economic areas. This article prescribes the “Equal pay for equal work” and Constitutional andLabor legislation concepts in Acts like the Equal Remuneration Act, Contract Labor, andFactories Act, etc. The Directive PrincipleContinue Reading

INTRODUCTION “No democracy can long survive which does not accept as fundamental to its very existence the recognition of the rights of minorities”. These lines of sir. Franklin D. Roosevelt clearly portrays the importance of protection of the rights of minorities in a democracy. Long years back, due to theContinue Reading

Introduction  The Indian constitution was drafted in the mid-twentieth century which gave an advantage to constitutional makers, in so far as they could take cognizance of the various constitutional processes operating in different countries of the world and thus draw upon a rich fund of human experience, wisdom, heritage, andContinue Reading

Introduction Judicial review is the power of the court to review or scrutinize the actions of the legislative and the executive and the judicial actions. Judiciary has the power to interpret any law and order made by the legislature and executive and if it is found unconstitutional, then the judiciaryContinue Reading

Sedition Law and its Brief History The Indian Penal Code came into force in 1860 under British India prepared by Lord Macaulay. In IPC’s 1st draft sedition was not included. It was introduced after 10 years from the enforcement of IPC in the year 1870. This was done to curbContinue Reading

INTRODUCTION We are governed by the constitution, but the constitution is what the judges say it is, and the judiciary is the tool to safeguard our liberty, and our property under the constitution- says Charles Evans Huges. The quote connotes to us the importance of the Judiciary and the judgesContinue Reading

INTRODUCTION In this everchanging world, all the technological advancements are happening at a very fast pace, that has revolutionized certain aspects of our lives. During the last few decades, globalization has affected certain aspects of our social lives too, like relationships, marriage, family structure, etc. Marriage is the socially andContinue Reading

INTRODUCTION Sedition involves overt behavior that tends to undermine authority. Seditious acts often include subverting a constitution and instigating discontent among existing authorities. The first sedition laws were passed in the 17th century when Parliamentarians believed that only positive opinions about the government should be allowed, as negative views posedContinue Reading