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Introduction The term ‘Federalism’ has been originated from the Latin word ‘foedus’ which means ‘Covenant’. Federalism can be defined as “compound mode of government which combines the central government with the regional governments to form a single political system where the powers of the governments are divided among them”. AccordingContinue Reading

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INTRODUCTION With the advent of social media and networking it is difficult to maintain privacy with the data available online. Data on the internet is flowing like water in the river. If the information of someone is available on the internet which the person has relevant context now or theContinue Reading

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INTRODUCTION “The Indian constitution is first and foremost a social document, and it is aided by its Parts III and IV (Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy, respectively) acting together as its chief instruments and conscience in realizing the goals set by it for all people.” The constitutionContinue Reading

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The Supreme Court of India emphasized in Satish Chandra Verma vs. Union of India that the freedom to go abroad, like marriage and family, is a genuine and vital human right. “The right to travel abroad is an important basic human right because it fosters an individual’s independent and self-determiningContinue Reading

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Introduction India, a country with many ideologies, religions, dialects, castes, and topography, represents unity and integrity. However, when it comes to the Varna System, which divides Indians into Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras, there is no such unity displayed (Scheduled Casts, Scheduled Tribe, and Other Backward Communities, the most oppressedContinue Reading

Women have always played an important role in our civilization’s growth. They are the ones who developed and are a large part of the societal norm. They shape entire generations. Any community’s lifeblood is its women. They are supposed to look after things with all of their hearts while expandingContinue Reading

INTRODUCTION Various dynasties have risen and fallen over the years, but the only thing they all had in common was the employment of the death sentence as a means of enforcing justice. In terms of international law, “King Hammurabi of Babylon was the first to codify death penalty regulations. OtherContinue Reading

INTRODUCTION Sedition law got its existence during the era of 1590 in England. It became a part of Indian statute by the arrival of British rule and got added to Indian penal code, 1870 as section 124A. But the visage of the law got redefined once when the case ofContinue Reading