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INTRODUCTION What makes India a great nation and also a hub which attracts different medical start-ups and outside people with different diseases to get medical treatment here? If cheap treatment and much more skilled, experts are your answer then it is completely justified. Pursuing the profession of doctor has alwaysContinue Reading

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Introduction Tort is a civil wrong, meaning it is a wrong committed against a person. Tort comes from the Latin word “tortum,” which means “crooked” or “twisted.” It is equivalent to the English term ‘wrong’ in this sense. There are two kinds of law: civil and criminal. Tort and contractContinue Reading

What is defamation? Defamation can be explained as damaging someone’s good reputation. Therefore any person who commits an act that may damage the reputation of a person can be said to have committed defamation. Reputation can be termed as the opinions that others hold towards a person. Reputation is aContinue Reading

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Introduction Any civil wrong for which the law provides a remedy is referred to as a tort. Torts compensate people and property for injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. Essentially implying, a tort is a civil wrong independent of a contract where the only remedy available is in the formContinue Reading

The present article is written by Sanjana Suman from Amity Law School, Amity University Jharkhand Ranchi. Introduction The legal term Res Ipsa Loquitor means “the item speaks for itself.” It is a well-known notion in tort law; it is circumstantial or indirect evidence that infers negligence from the nature ofContinue Reading

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This article is written by Sonam Sanjay Pandey, a student of DY Patil Deemed to be University School of Law, Navi Mumbai. Through this Article the author tends to analyse the details of the maxim “Volenti Non-Fit Injuria” and its application under law of torts.  Definition  Volenti Non-Fit Injuria fromContinue Reading

This article is written by K.Lasya Charitha pursuing BALLB in Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University, Visakhapatnam. In this article, the researcher discusses the meaning, types of Injunctions, and few case laws related to injunction.  INTRODUCTION Any appeal to the courts without remedy is futile. Anyone who goes to court forContinue Reading

This article is written by Vishrut Gupta, a student of Lloyd Law College. This article aims to explain to the readers about the connection between the Covid 19 on-going crisis and the rising scope application of Torts Law in today’s time. INTRODUCTION In today’s time, if anything left to beContinue Reading