M.P. Sugar Mills v. State of U.P 

Citation 1979 AIR 621, 1979 SCR (2) 641 Date of Judgment 12/12/1978 Court Supreme Court of India Bench Introduction According to the Promissory Estoppel doctrine, the promisor will refrain from breaking the promise if it would be unfair for him to do so whenever an unambiguous promise is made with the intent to establish aRead More

State of Maharashtra v. Prabhakar Pandurang

Case Number Appeal by Special Leave from the Judgment and Order dated 22nd June 1965 of the Bombay High Court in Criminal Application No. 613 of 1965. Criminal Appeal No. 107 of 1965, decided on the 6th day of September 1965. Equivalent Citation 1966 AIR 424 1966 SCR (1) 702. Bench Hon’ble Justice K. Subba Rao. Hon’bleRead More

Garikapatti Veeraya v. Subbiah Choudhury

Case Number Civil Appeal No. 230 of 1977. Equivalent Citation 1957 AIR 540 Bench The Supreme Court of India Decided On 1st February 1957 Relevant Acts / Sections The sections that are relevant in the case of Garikapatti Veeraya v N. Subbiah Choudhury are: Article 133 of the Constitution of India1, deals with the jurisdictionRead More

General American Insurance Co. v. Madanlal Sonulal

Case Number 158 Ind Cas 554 Equivalent Citation (1935) 37 BOMLR 461 Bench The Bombay High Court Decided On 12.03.1935 Relevant Act / Section The Indian Contract Act, 1872 The Insurance Act, 1938 Brief Facts and Procedural History Introduction This legal case centres around a minor named Madanlal Sonulal, who initiated legal proceedings against TheRead More

Laxmi Kant Pandey v. Union of India

S.no Contents 1. FACTS AND PROCEDURAL HISTORY 2. ISSUES RAISED 3. LAWS RELATED 4. ANALYSIS 5. CONCLUSION CITATION 1984 AIR 469 DATE 6/02/1984. FACTS AND PROCEDURAL HISTORY Background of the case Laxmi Kant Pandey, an advocate practising in the Supreme Court of India, wrote a letter in the form of a complaint regarding various welfareRead More

Pandit M.S.M. Sharma v. Shri Sri Krishna Sinha and Others

S.no Contents 1. Facts of the Case 2. Issues of the case 3. Rationale 4. Judgment 5. Generalis Specialibus Non-Derogant Year 1958 Case No. 122 of 1958 Equivalent Citation 1959 AIR 396 Date of Judgment 12/12/1958 Court The Supreme Court of India Bench Chief Justice Sudhi Ranjan Das, Justice Natwarlal H. Bhagwati, Justice Bhuvneshwar P.Read More

A.K. Gopalan v. The State of Madras

Year 1950 Citation AIR 1950 SC 27 Court The Supreme Court of India Bench Harilal Kania (C.J.), Justice M. Patanjali Sastri, Justice Mehr Chand Mahajan, Justice B.K. Mukherjee and Justice Sudhi Rajan Das, Justice Fazal Ali Saiyid. Introduction A.K. Gopalan was the political opponent of the government. He filed the writ petition of habeas corpus.Read More

Shayara Bano v. Union of India

CITATION (2017) 9 SCC 1 INTRODUCTION The case of Shayara Bano vs Union of India refers to a landmark judgment by the Supreme Court of India in 2017 that upheld the constitutional validity of the practice of Triple Talaq or instant divorce among Muslims in India. The case was filed by Shayara Bano, a MuslimRead More

P.V. Narsimha Rao v. State (1998)

This case analysis is authored by Prashant Prasad, a second-year law student from University Law College. Case No. Appeal (crl.) 1207 of 1997 Equivalent Citation AIR 1998 SC 2120 Date of Judgment 17/04/1998 Court The Supreme Court of India Bench S.C. Agrawal, G.N. Ray, A.S. Anand, S.P. Bharucha, S. Rajendra Babu Facts of the Case  DuringRead More

Indra Swahney v. Union of India

The Indra Sawhney vs Union of India case, also known as the Mandal Commission case, was a landmark case in the history of the Indian judiciary. The case, heard by a nine-judge bench of the Supreme Court, dealt with the issue of reservation in government jobs and education for the socially and economically backward classesRead More