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Human Trafficking is the illegal transportation of human beings from one place to another against their will or by use of force or by luring them in under a misconception. It is aimed at the use of a class of persons for forced labour, sexual exploitation and many other activitiesContinue Reading

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INTRODUCTION Money laundering seriously jeopardises nations’ financial systems as well as their integrity and sovereignty. The international community has taken some actions to eliminate these threats. It has been thought that we urgently need comprehensive legislation to stop money laundering and related activities. The Prevention of Money-laundering Bill, 1998 wasContinue Reading

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INTRODUCTION: Bar and Bench are two different elements with a common objective of administering justice in society. Bar, the term finds its origin in England, was used to differentiate a group of lawyers from a group of court officers. It is a group of lawyers enrolled with the state barContinue Reading

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INTRODUCTION India is one of the largest democracies in the world and in this country we follow the concept of the universal adult franchise which means a person above 18 years of age has a right to vote irrespective of their caste, colour, creed, religion, or gender. We elect ourContinue Reading

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The need for interpretation only arises when the wording of the legal provisions is ambiguous, if it is not clear, if two views are possible, or if the meaning of the provisions is different from the subject of the legislation. If the language is clear and clear, no interpretation isContinue Reading

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INTRODUCTION Corruption is dishonest behavior and misusing of their authority with the motive of earning private gain. Corruption can be a hurdle in the development of our nation once it enters into the system it’s then become impossible to remove it from its roots. It hampers our economic growth, bringsContinue Reading

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INTRODUCTION Countries that are much more open to foreign trade tend to grow faster, innovate, increase productivity, and deliver more wealth and resources to their population. International trade allows countries to expand their markets and obtain access to goods and services which would otherwise be unavailable domestically. Engagement in internationalContinue Reading

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INTRODUCTION Human trafficking is the type of modern-day slavery in which a person is sold or used forcefully for the point of labor or commercial sex act. This is all that happens to intend to earn money. Human trafficking is not just a heinous crime against society but is aContinue Reading

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Introduction The utilization of third-party funding in international commercial arbitration is one of the most intensely discussed subjects in the field. Third-party funding is a technique wherein a third-party funder pays for one of the gatherings’ arbitration costs to some degree or in full. In case of a positive honor,Continue Reading

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Abstract Every person’s life revolves around the concept of justice. Courts have been established in every country for the purpose of regulating justice. The courts are held in high regard as the guardians of the rule of law. This element of the courts contributes to the development of a trustingContinue Reading