Comparative Analysis of Patent Laws in India with Other Nations

Introduction Before we begin with the comparative analysis of patent law in India with other countries, it is important to first know what is the meaning of “Patent” and the “Purpose” for which it finds a place in law. The literal meaning of “Patent” is to hold an exclusive right or privilege for using orRead More

Analyzing Copyright Infringement Through PUBG v Fortnite Case

INTRODUCTION One of the most rewarding aspects of media outlets is reflected in video games. Every year, consumers spend over $25 billion to enjoy the interactions that teams of writers, organizers, and programmers have. With so much in doubt, it makes sense for the companies that create these video games to want to provide theRead More

Intellectual Property & Trade Secrets

Intellectual Property (IP) is a kind of invention by a living being in form of literature, artistic, designs, symbols, names, and images in trading. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are granted to the owner of Intellectual Property. These rights protect the property’s misuse by someone other than the owner. Having intellectual property has become common in the modern world. Protection of Intellectual property enhances the publication and its distribution. It helps in boosting economic growth.


Intellectual property rights play an important role in a country’s development. Every country’s intellectual property legislation is distinct. The tight implementation of the IPR role contributes significantly to economic growth in many industrialized countries. Intellectual property rights encourage innovation, which in turn results in economic progress. Every firm in the world today is because ofRead More

10 Landmark Cases on Intellectual Property Rights

Introduction Sir John Salmond has defined ‘Right’ as an interest recognized and protected by a rule of justice. It is an interest in respect of which there is a duty and the disregard of which is ‘Wrong’.1 He further has explained that a ‘Legal right’ is an interest recognized and protected by rule of lawRead More

The Exploitation of Celebrity Rights in Media and Entertainment Industry

INTRODUCTION As far as the general public is concerned, a celebrity is a person who has achieved a level of renown and recognition in society that makes him or her clearly identifiable. It might be related to the appreciation and honour for some type of success by a huge group of people in a countryRead More

Infringement of Copyright

What is a Copyright? Copyright is one of the intellectual property rights automatically provided to the author or creator of original work, giving them the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the copyrighted work. The creator might apply for a copyright for original and unpublished works, including literary, dramatic, musical, cinematographic, or artistic works. CopyrightRead More

Media and Entertainment Industry within the Web of IPRs

BACKGROUND The entertainment industry in India is one of the biggest sectors of its kind in the world having access by people all around is estimated to generate a striking revenue of approximately USD 35 billion. With digitalization and globalization gaining impetus in the production of content; the media and entertainment industry is thriving throughRead More


This article has been written by Shubham Khandelwal pursuing BBA.LLB from IP UNIVERSITY. In the below-given article, you’ll all get to know the necessary information about What is biopiracy, its examples, resources, legal aspects, Indian scenario, related cases, and many things more. Bioprospecting (also referred to as biodiversity prospecting) is that the exploration of naturalRead More