Indian Legislative on Hazardous Waste Management Contents 1. Introduction 2. Types of Hazardous Wastes 3. Legislator Framework in India 4. Regulatory Framework in India 5. Ineffectiveness of Law 6. Case Laws of Hazardous Wastes 7. Conclusion Abstract This article aims to present an overview of hazardous waste and types of hazardous waste. Further it explain the legislative and regulatory frameworkRead More

Right to get Water – The Recent Development and Constitutional Framework

INTRODUCTION Water is indispensable to life. Human beings can survive for 3 weeks without food, but only three days without water. Moreover, there may be no food cultivation without water. Conceptually, therefore, the right to life, considered the foremost basic and fundamental of all rights, must include within it a right to water. The rightRead More

Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill, 2022

INTRODUCTION The Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill, 2022 was passed on the 3rd of August’22. The passage of the Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill, 2022 by the Lok Sabha is a significant step toward reaching India’s climate targets. The bill is projected to contribute significantly to India’s NDCs, which are the country’s pledges to support environmental measuresRead More

Why India should focus on ESG?

INTRODUCTION The terms ‘environmental, social, and governance’ are referred to as ESG. Sustainability is viewed holistically by ESG, who believe that it encompasses more than just environmental concerns. The ideal way to define ESG is as a framework for stakeholders to understand how an organization is handling opportunities and risks connected to environmental, social, andRead More

Sustainable Development as a principle of Environmental Safeguard

INTRODUCTION In a world where all the countries are running towards development, a lot of industries are being established and excessive utilization of natural resources is taking place. Today, nature’s resources are facing extinction and the whole world is planning to save the resources for the coming generations and future use. In this process, thereRead More

Public Interest Litigation in Protection of Environment

INTRODUCTION In India, Public Interest Litigation materialized as a blossoming method in the sphere of environmental protection. In environmental litigation, the parties that are influenced may be anonymous or a disseminated herd of individuals and the infringement of a legal right of a person would be grueling to establish. Before the 1980s, the locus standiRead More

Green Criminology: Crime is in the Environment

The protection of the environment is immensely vital for the survival of mankind. It helps maintain the ecological balance and preservation of the environment. Two terms are often used synonymously, i.e. environment and ecology. Ernest Haeckel, who is known as the father of Ecology, has defined ecology pollutants as a reciprocal relationship between organisms and their surroundings. The term ‘eco-system’ is derived from the word ecology and it implies, “an organic community of plants and animals viewed within the physical environment or habitat.” According to Justice P. N. Bhagwati, the former Chief Justice of India, the term ‘Environment’ refers to “all the conditions within and around an organism, which affect its behaviour, growth and development, or life
processes, directly or indirectly.”


The environment assumes a vital part in human existence as well as in the advancement of society. With developing mechanical progression and industrialization, the immaculateness of the climate has been threatened to a horrifying degree. The need to secure and further develop the climate is so convincing for the endurance of humankind and other lifeRead More


INTRODUCTION Environmental law can be viewed according to two viewpoints human-centric and ecocentric, previous is human-driven, while the latter is nature-driven. Ecocentrism is a part of the thought that tracks down inherent worth in every single living organic entity. It takes a comprehensive perspective on the Earth, rather than the smaller methodology embraced by anthropocentrism.Read More

Environmental Law as a Tool for Environmental Protection

The environment is very crucial for us to understand as it defines our surroundings and impacts the way we live. It consists of the air we breathe, water covering Earth’s major surface, and plants and animals that live on this planet. It is important to understand the word “environment” and realize how important it isRead More