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Introduction As per Places of Worship Act, it is “an Act to prohibit conversion of any place of worship and to provide for the maintenance of the religious character of any place of worship as it existed on the 15th day of August, 1947, and for matters connected therewith orContinue Reading

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INTRODUCTION Gender is a word that cuts society, polity, and culture all over the world. Some languages do not have the word gender instead the word sex is used. Different terms are used regularly in theories of sexuality. Sex and gender may look identical but they are completely different terms.Continue Reading

This article is written by Indra Priyadarshini, a law student from Alliance University, Bangalore. This article discusses about concept of marriage and its classification under the Muslim law. INTRODUCTION A Muslim marriage is also called as a ‘Nikah’. According to the Hedaya, Nikah refers to a contract which has beenContinue Reading

This article is authored by Sujata Porwal, third year BA LLB (Hons.) student at Symbiosis Law School, Pune. The article presents detailed analysis of conditions and effect of Adoption under Hindu Law.  What is Adoption? Adoption is the process of legally transferring the parental rights affiliated with a child toContinue Reading

This article is written by Madhur Samriti Sharma, a student of ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad INTRODUCTION We are living in the 21st century where there is the growth of youth, talents, technology, science, education, society, mind-set and various other zones where a human being actively participate, either on his ownContinue Reading

This article is written by Gaurav Purohit of Amity University Rajasthan Currently Pursuing BBA LLB. INTRODUCTION The Muslim Law of Inheritance was understood on the Foundations of Pre Islamic Customary Law of Succession. There is no understanding of Joint Family Property in Muslim Law. The teachings of Mitakshara School of HinduContinue Reading

This article is written by Joyita Mukhopadhyay, a student of Amity university Kolkata. INTRODUCTION Strict starting points and conventions in law have been subjects of examination in numerous nations among scholars, law specialists, and students of history. This has prompted a rich assortment of near lawful writing, enlightening juristic ideasContinue Reading

This article has been written by Tanya Gupta, a student pursuing BA LLB from Ideal Institute of Management and Technology and School of Law, affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi.  This article focuses on the general rules of succession of a Hindu Female. INTRODUCTION There are mainly twoContinue Reading

This article is written by Pooja Lakshmi, studying BBA LLB at Bennett University, Greater Noida. ABSTRACT The institution of Wakf is a unique characteristic of the socio-economic foundation of Mohammedan law. Wakf means to dedicate or devote a movable or immovable property in Allah’s name for religious, pious, and charitableContinue Reading