About the Company Smriti Legal LLP is a nationwide law practise with a Bengaluru headquarters that focuses on specific industries. The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, legal advisory services are the firm’s area of expertise. In accordance with The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, Smriti LegalContinue Reading

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About the Organization Zest IP Services exclusively deals with issues relating to trademarks. The registration, licencing, fair use, protection, and enforcement of copyright, patent, design, geographic indications, and domain names. With the help of multiple scientific graduates and paralegals, the team is well-equipped to handle all IPR matters, regardless ofContinue Reading

About the Firm A multifunctional legal practise, Kay and Partners focuses on corporate and commercial disputes as well as comprehensive company law advice. It has seasoned young leaders. We offer a wide range of services across our entire business to maximise the outcomes of our clients’ efforts and objectives. OurContinue Reading

About the Advocate Bharat earned his law degree in 2011 and, at the age of 23, after placing first in the Delhi Judicial Service Exam, was appointed as a Civil Judge/Metropolitan Magistrate. During his four years on the Bench, he worked in a variety of judgeship duties.He left his positionContinue Reading

About the Organization A statutory authority of the Indian government, the Competition Commission of India (CCI), is in charge of upholding The Competition Act, 2002 across the country and stopping actions that would materially harm competition there. It was started on October 14th, 2003. About the Responsibilities   The usualContinue Reading

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About the Organization A military court in India is called the Armed Forces Tribunal. It was created in accordance with the 2007 Armed Forces Tribunal Act. According to the Law Commission’s 169th report from 1999, disciplinary and service concerns needed to be resolved quickly, and a separate tribunal for theContinue Reading

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About the Company The four guiding principles of Amazon are: obsessing on the customer rather than the competition, being passionate about invention, being dedicated to operational excellence, and having a long-term perspective. Amazon aspires to be the planet’s most customer-focused business, best employer, and safest workplace. Some of the innovationsContinue Reading

About the Advocate Mr. Rahul Gupta frequently appears in cases before the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court of India. both the National Consumer Forum and the Real Estate Regulatory Authority. He is well-versed in commercial and corporate laws and specialises in issues before the National Company Law TribunalContinue Reading

About the Company India Labourline is a free helpline for employees that provides them with legal assistance and mediation for matters relating to their livelihood.As an immediate response to the severe circumstances thousands of workers suffered during the year of unexpected Covid lockdowns, it began operations in July 2021. ItsContinue Reading

About the Centre The Jindal Global Law School’s Center for Justice, Law, and Society (CJLS) is an interdisciplinary research centre that critically examines current issues at the nexus of law, justice, society, and marginalisation in South Asia. A group of academics, activists, and students working together on the CJLS projectContinue Reading