This Article is written by Yash Dodani, NALSAR University Hyderabad. He has provided a detailed analysis of the topic.  Introduction The basic notion of the tort law in India is based on the tort presidents developed in the English Common Law. The laws in English Courts are based on theContinue Reading


Being a weapon of justice, Law is one of the crucial structures for governing society. The Indian legislature has continuously adopted numerous methods to effectively govern and regularize the society, taking account of the different factors such as languages, castes, demographics etc.

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Citizenship refers to the state of being recognized as a citizen of the state. Citizenship ensures that the person is a member of the state. It further provides the social and political rights to the citizens. is accepting applications for Online internship in May June and July 2020. WorkInterns are given work related to legal research, writing blogs and articles and will be trained to become excellent researchers and writers. Who can apply and the application procedure: The internship programme is open for law studentsContinue Reading