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INTRODUCTION In India, marriage is considered a sacred union between two bodies of opposite sexes. Sharing a common room, their life, and the commitment to live with each other makes it unbreakable bondage not only for one life but for seven lives. It is believed that when two souls willContinue Reading

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INTRODUCTION Gender inequality in India evinces itself in a diversities of ways, but the most prevalent is in the area of legitimate property rights. Numerous laws have been eventuated to abolish women’s economic beliefs and furnished their high status and equality. In addition, the Constitution of India establishes equality, invigoratingContinue Reading

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SUCCESSION LAWS Succession essentially refers to the division of a dead person’s property. It refers to the sequence in which assets are transferred from one person to another, and also how much portion a specific member of the family receives upon the death of the individual. Corporate personalities with aContinue Reading

INTRODUCTION “The term guardianship used here is when legal custody of a minor child under the age of 18  years whose necessities like health, food, safety, education.” The residence is taken care of by the person who has legal custody of the child. The person makes all the prudent decisionsContinue Reading

CITATION Civil appeal No. diary No. 32601 of 2018 APELLANT Ms.  Vineeta Sharma RESPONDENT Ms. Rakesh Sharma DECIDED ON 24th August 2020 COURT Supreme court of India JUDGES Justice Arun Mishra, Justice S. Abdul Nazeer, justice M.R. Shah AREA OF LAW Section 6 of Hindu succession act, 1956 BACKGROUND MrContinue Reading

INTRODUCTION India Is a country with a population of over 130 crores people spanning through varied culture and heritage. It is home to many religions and gives due respects to a person’s choice to propagate the religion of his/her choice. People hailing from all religions and cultures have different perspective,Continue Reading

Adoption abroad, which is also called transnational adoption, describes the process of a couple or individual adopting a child from a different country, taking full responsibility for their care and maintenance the same way their natural parents did. A surge in international adoptions occurred during the Second World War. AsContinue Reading