Unauthorized Alienation and its Consequences in the Coparcenary Property

Introduction A property transfer (whether movable or immovable), such as a gift, cash, real estate, or mortgage, is known as alienation. Hindu law places a stronger emphasis on alienations because, typically, neither the Karta nor any other coparceners have full authority to alienate the joint family property or his interest in the joint family property.Read More

Taboo of Inter-Religion Marriages in India – Detailed Analysis of Special Marriage Act 1954

S.no Contents 1. Introduction 2. Stigmas Related to Inter Religion Marriages in India 3. Introduction to Special Marriage Act, 1954 and its Basic Outline 4. Inter Religion Marriages under Special Marriage Act 1954 5. Recent Judgement Related to Inter Religion Marriages 6. Case Laws Pertaining to Significant Inter Religion Marriage Judgements 7. Conclusion Introduction WeRead More

Rights of Women Under Changing Perspective of Hindu Law with Special Reference to Hindu Succession Act

This article is about the evolution of women’s rights before and after the Hindu Succession Act and how it has impacted gender equality. INTRODUCTION Gender inequality is one of the main aspects under the law which requires a major focus. There are still a variety of issues pertaining to gender inequality yet to be addressed.Read More

A Critical Study of the Gains of Hindu Learning Act, 1930

This article provides the readers with an insight into the Gains of Hindu Learning Act of 1930 by analyzing the act in detail, pointing out the loopholes, and providing suggestions. Introduction Hindu law is known for its existence from ancient sources and scripts written by scholars. These sources have originated centuries back, and the soulRead More

Dissolving Marriage on Irretrievable Breakdown

INTRODUCTION In India, marriage is considered a sacred union between two bodies of opposite sexes. Sharing a common room, their life, and the commitment to live with each other makes it unbreakable bondage not only for one life but for seven lives. It is believed that when two souls will unite in every sense thatRead More

Evolution of Women’s Rights under Hindu Law

INTRODUCTION Gender inequality in India evinces itself in a diversities of ways, but the most prevalent is in the area of legitimate property rights. Numerous laws have been eventuated to abolish women’s economic beliefs and furnished their high status and equality. In addition, the Constitution of India establishes equality, invigorating women’s property rights and ingressRead More

Succession Laws of Parsis and Christians

SUCCESSION LAWS Succession essentially refers to the division of a dead person’s property. It refers to the sequence in which assets are transferred from one person to another, and also how much portion a specific member of the family receives upon the death of the individual. Corporate personalities with a continuous existence are excluded by successionRead More

Supreme Court shows concern over the trend of delay in final decree proceedings

While allowing an appeal for a partition suit, the Supreme Court said that there is a trend of delay in initiating final decree proceedings. The plaintiffs, in this case, had filed for a partition, claiming half a share in the property. The property belonged to Kattukandi Edathil Kanaran Vaidyar. He had four sons, Damodaran, Achuthan,Read More

Guardianship of Child under Different Personal Laws

INTRODUCTION “The term guardianship used here is when legal custody of a minor child under the age of 18  years whose necessities like health, food, safety, education.” The residence is taken care of by the person who has legal custody of the child. The person makes all the prudent decisions on behalf of the minor.Read More