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Justice MR Shah is being brought to Delhi after suffering from a Heart attack

The Supreme Court judge, Justice Mukeshkumar Rasikbhai Shah was in Himachal Pradesh. He was there for a religious trip. According to reports he suffered from a heart attack and then was rushed to Delhi.

He has said through a video that he is fine by God’s grace. The authorities of the Supre Court such as Justice N.V.Ramanna are communicating with him.

Initially, he was an advocate who had enrolled in the Bar Council in 1982. He went on to practice at the Gujarat High Court. He is a specialist in land, constitutional, Education, Excise, and Custom matters.

His journey as a judge started when he was appointed as the additional judge of the Gujarat High Court in 2004. Within a year he was made permanent. After being at the Gujarat High Court for 13 years, in 2018 he was appointed as the Chief Justice of Patna High Court.

In November 2018 after exercising his responsibilities as CJI of the Patna High Court, he was appointed as a Supreme Court Judge. To date, he has delivered about 100 judgments, mostly on criminal matters.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

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