All about the 105th Amendment Act of the Indian Constitution and its Impacts

S.noContents1.Introduction2.Reservation for Economically Weaker Sections (EWS)3.Impact on Education and Employment4.Disagreements and Criticisms5.Transformation of the Socioeconomic System6.Implications for the Future and …
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Legal Take on Gender Stereotypes in Indian Society

S.noContents1.Introduction2.The deep-rooted gender stereotypes and their legal consequences3.Landmark Cases4.Legal and Media Reactions to Gender Stereotyping. 5.Legal Interventions6.Workplace Gender Bias: Legal Options …
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Amendment of Article 370 – A Constitutional History

S.noContents1.Introduction2.Genesis of Article 3703.Article 370 and Constitutional Provisions4.Special Status and Autonomy5.Evolution of Article 3706.Legal and Political Debates7.The Revocation of Article …
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The impact of India’s Right to Information Act, 2005

S.noContents1.Introduction2.Antecedents and Evolution of the RTI Act in India3.Importance of the Act4.Impact of the Right to Information Act, 20055.Cases Related …
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Viability of Section 74 of the Indian Contract Act in the Present Commercial Context

S.noContents1.Introduction2.Definition of Section 74 of the Indian Contract Act3.Time Aspects and Other Dispositions4.Importance of Penalties5.Jurisdiction of Section 74 of the …
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Unauthorized Alienation and its Consequences in the Coparcenary Property

Introduction A property transfer (whether movable or immovable), such as a gift, cash, real estate, or mortgage, is known as …
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