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Human Trafficking – Exploring laws in Indian context

Human Trafficking is the illegal transportation of human beings from one place to another against their will or by use …
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Changing phase of Consumerism

Every individual irrespective of occupation, age, community, gender, caste, race, or religion, is a consumer. Consumer rights and protection are …
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Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002: Challenges and Effectiveness

INTRODUCTION Money laundering seriously jeopardises nations’ financial systems as well as their integrity and sovereignty. The international community has taken …
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DNA Tech & Indian Criminal Justice System: Application, Need, and Criticism

INTRODUCTION DNA (deoxyribonucleic corrosive) is the most essential hereditary material tracked down in the body cells of every single person …
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Mental Distress and Human Rights Violation during Covid-19 Pandemic—Special Reference to Lockdown

INTRODUCTION The pandemic of Corona Virus (COVID-19) hit India recently and the associated uncertainty increasingly tested the psychological resilience of …
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Relation between Bar and Bench

INTRODUCTION: Bar and Bench are two different elements with a common objective of administering justice in society. Bar, the term …
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