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State of Maharashtra v. Prabhakar Pandurang

Case Number Appeal by Special Leave from the Judgment and Order dated 22nd June 1965 of the Bombay High Court …
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Garikapatti Veeraya v. Subbiah Choudhury

Case Number Civil Appeal No. 230 of 1977. Equivalent Citation 1957 AIR 540 Bench The Supreme Court of India Decided …
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General American Insurance Co. v. Madanlal Sonulal

Case Number 158 Ind Cas 554 Equivalent Citation (1935) 37 BOMLR 461 Bench The Bombay High Court Decided On 12.03.1935 …
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The Influence of the Environment on the Rate of Crime in India

This article discusses the impact of natural, physical, and social environments, as well as factors such as dysfunctional families, substance …
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The Right to Suit and Right to Appeal – A Comparative Analysis

S.noContents1.Right to Suit2.Right to Appeal3.Scope of Right to Appeal in Statutory Law4.Historical Overview5.Legal Frameworks6.Conclusion Right to Suit An individual or …
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Suspension vs Dismissal – Understanding the Dimensions of the Indian Parliamentary System

S.noContents1.Introduction2.What is Suspension?3.What is Dismissal?4.Decoding the Differences between Suspension and Dismissal in the Indian Parliament5.Legal Statutes Involving Suspension and Dismissal6.Case …
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