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If the compassionate employment is not scrutinized properly then only the heirs will be reappointed: Supreme Court

-Report by Harshita It was held by the hon’ble Supreme Court recently in the case of Ahmednagar Mahanagar Palika vs ...
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Himachal Pradesh HC quashes FIR under Section 482 of CrPC in a case of a heinous offence

-Report by Sarweshree Bawari The High Court of Himachal Pradesh in Jagir Singh Vs the State of Punjab, held that ...
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Section 34 of the U.P. Trade Tax Act will attract only when transfer of immovable property is made during pendency of proceedings: Supreme Court

-Report by Vedanti Wanjari It has been held by the Supreme Court in the case of The Commissioner, Trade Tax, ...
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Supreme Court acquits two accused in case of mob violence

-Report by Nandani Soni It was held by the Supreme Court of India that the order passed by the High ...
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The arbitrator must exercise the discretionary power to grant post-award interest reasonably and in good faith: Delhi High Court

-Report by Khushi Neb The Delhi High Court in a recent judgment in Morgan Securities And Credits Pvt. Ltd. vs ...
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Generic Details Of Net Taxable Income/Gross Income of the husband can be provided in maintenance cases

-Report by Shreya Shukla In the case of Nisha Mittal v Chief commissioner of income tax, the Central information commission ...
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