About University of Institute of legal studies

University Institute of Legal Studies (UILS), in a short span of time, has emerged as one of the premier legal
Institute with a unique blend of tradition and modernity. Its mission is to equip the students with the skills to comprehend and diagnose the intricacies of various legal and other inter-disciplinary issues and devise solutions to
these problems through analysis and reasoning. The stimulating and interactive academic environment of the
Institute helps to hone the ‘DRAIN’. Drafting, Research, Advocacy, Interviewing and Negotiation- skills of the
students. The endeavor behind this action ‘process’ is to enable the students to understand that the legal
professionals, besides their professional responsibilities have a significant bearing on a wide range of persona and
transactions as well.


ADR-CCL Board, UILS is an amalgamation of our students from year 2nd to 5th, who facilitate conducting of events and participation of our students. The board’s ardor is evident in all the achievements made by our students. The team, coordinated by Ishaan Loomba as the Prsesident, Abhishek Bindal as the Convener, Srishti Sharma as the Co Convener, Jasmine Garg, Gauri Chuttani, Ashmita Sandhu, Chahat Kapoor, Shourya Mehra, Prisha Jindal, Ujjawal Aggarwal as the executive members and Arpit Malhotra as the Special Advisor, having successfully organized one virtual competition, very enthusiastically looks forward toconducting our 1st ADR Fest. A team of welcoming people invites you to join them in this journey and witness them in action in making your experience fulfilling.


In life you may not get what you deserve, but will definitely get what you negotiate.” To impart negotiation skills among budding lawyers, ADR CCL Board, UILS is coming up with its 1st ever International Negotiation Competition as a part of its 1st online ADR Fest. Negotiation is skill of observing the opponent and reaching a solution in an amicable way to secure a win-win situation. We at UILS are looking forward to seeing participants across the globe to sport their
Freud apparel and Holmes Hat and join us in this virtual event of learning and fun through negotiation. The organizing committee and our volunteers will be making your experience all the more enriching!

Team Composition

Total number of teams-36
Number of members in a team- 2 Members per team
Each team will consist- 1 client and 1 counsel

Registration Fee

For Indian Teams- Rs.2000

For International Teams $15

Important dates

7th November – Submission of Negotiation plans 10th November Training Session & Opening Ceremony 11th November Preliminary Round 1 12th November Preliminary Round 2 13th November Octa Finals and Semi Finals 14th November Final Round and Closing ceremony

Registration Link


Rules for the competition


Contact Details

Dr. Sabina Salim
(Assistant Professor, UILS, PU, CHD)
(Faculty Coordinator) 9814958419. Mail id :- UILSADRFEST@GMAIL.COM

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