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About the University and VIT School of Law

Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) is a private deemed university located in Vellore, Chennai India and was founded in 1984. VIT School of Law (VITSOL), the progeny of VIT, entered the legal education arena in 2014.

About the e-Conference

The scope of International law has developed over the last few decades and has grown exponentially since the dawn of globalized era. From the regulation of space expeditions to
the question of the division of the ocean floor, and from the protection of human rights to the management of the international financial system, its involvement has spread out from the primary concern with the preservation of peace, to embrace all interests of contemporary international life. International law has developed both horizontally and vertically.

In the dynamic stream of laws, we constantly witness that International law has crossed path with national laws and have thus created a symbiotic relationship to survive in this globalized epoch. Globalization has become synonymous to the spreading of capitalistic regimes all over the world.

While the focus of International Law is primarily on regulating the sovereign states and generally delegates the regulation of MNCs to individual states, the Corporates like Google, Facebook have supplanted sovereign states and they have attained a powerful status in the regime of sovereignty.

The Globalization-corporate nexus has major implications on not just trade and intellectual property rights but on diverse legal regimes like human rights, labour rights, environment and
air and space laws. For the facilitation of trade, commerce, International law has been incorporated into the municipal laws.

Thereby it raises the questions like whether the sovereign states can effectively control corporates through national legislations or whether the International law need to further
develop to empower/guide the states to come up with uniform and harmonized national laws to effectively regulate the activities of MNCs.

The international e-conference offers a platform to analyse the extent of convergence of International law and National legislations in regulating the activities of Multi-National Corporates which might have trans-national impact and repercussions on the subjects of International Law.


  • Internationalisation v. localisation of Human Rights
  • Globalization and Labour rights
  • Environment protection and international law
  • International trade and sustainable development
  • E-commerce regulations under International and national laws
  • Regionalism v. Multilateralism in International trade regime
  • Globalization and investment law
  • International law and Competition law
  • International trade and Maritime law
  • International Group of P&I Clubs and Global maritime regulation
  • Data protection, cyber security and privacy
  • International law and sui generis legislations on Intellectual property law
  • International law and Public health
  • Intellectual Property law and contemporary issues
  • Sub orbital flights and delimitation of airspace and outer space issue
  • Space tourism and Registration and Liability Issues
  • Issues in Aviation law, including passenger liability, product liability, airworthiness etc.
  • Space debris and environmental protection


The conference is open to undergraduate/postgraduate students, Ph.D. Scholars and Academicians/Professionals. Interested persons can also attend the Conference, without a paper presentation.

Mode of the Conference

Virtual/ Online through Zoom Cloud Meet

Publication Opportunity

Original unpublished Research Papers/Articles and Case studies will be selected after at plagiarism check permissible upto 10% of a Turnitin report.

The abstract and full paper will undergo double-blind peer review process by the expert review committee before selection.

Out of the presented papers, a list of selected papers on a competitive basis will be published (publication charges apply) in a book with an ISBN numbers.

Submission Guidelines

  • Paper Title
  • Author particulars- Name, designation, institution of Affiliation, address of correspondence with email and phone number in a separate document.
  • Abstract should not exceed 200 words and should be in italics.
  • It should mention around 3 to 6 keywords.
  • Full paper should not exceed 5000 words.
  • References should be in 20th edition Harvard Blue book
  • Book submission should be made in MS Office Word format.
  • Font-“Times New Roman”, Font size –“12pt”, Line space-“1.5”
  • Abstract shall be submitted here.

Registration Details

  • Registration Fee for Paper Presentation
    • For Academicians/professionals: Rs. 1000
    • For Research scholars: Rs.750
    • For UG and PG Students: Rs. 500
  • In case of co-authorship, both the participants have to pay and register separately .
  • Registration fee for participants
    • For Academicians/NGO/other professionals: Rs. 500
    • For Research scholars: Rs. 300
    • For UG and PG Students: Rs. 200
  • Zoom link for the conference will be provided after the payment of the registration fees.
  • Register on link –

Important Dates

  • Last date for submission of Abstract: April 6, 2022
  • Confirmation of Abstract: April 8, 2022
  • Last date for registration: April 20, 2022
  • Submission of Full Paper: April 20, 2022
  • Conference Date: April 22 and 23, 2022


Contact details

  • For queries, write at
  • Enquiries about Registration and Participation, contact:
    • Prof. Aswathy Sukumaran – 9497277729
    • Ms. Aparajitha Ramesh – 9551286673
  • Enquiries about Abstract Submission, contact:
    • Prof. Ankit Kumar Padhy – 9407910104
    • Mr. Ragul O.V.- 8610303302

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