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The Effect of the New Anti-Corruption Bill, 2021 on Corruption in India

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M.P. Sugar Mills v. State of U.P 

Citation 1979 AIR 621, 1979 SCR (2) 641 Date of Judgment 12/12/1978 Court Supreme Court of India Bench Justice P.N …
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The Legal and Ethical Implications of Administrative Discretion in India

S.noContents1.Administrative Discretion: What It Is and What It Means2.Motives for the Growth of Discretionary Powers3.Indian system of administrative discretion4.Indian Constitution …
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The Impact of Cybercrime on the Indian Economy and Society

S.noContents1.Introduction2.Types of Cybercrime3.Financial Losses & Economic Impact4.Threat Towards ‘Digital India’5.Business Disruption6.Data Privacy is a Myth7.Effects of Cybercrime on Society8.How Laws …
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A comparative study of Articles 15, 29 & 30 of the Indian Constitution

S.noContents1.Introduction2.Article 15 of the Indian Constitution3.Significance and Challenges of Article 29 in the Indian Constitution4.Realm of Educational Autonomy under Article …
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State of Maharashtra v. Prabhakar Pandurang

Case Number Appeal by Special Leave from the Judgment and Order dated 22nd June 1965 of the Bombay High Court …
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