Common-Law Admission Test is not just an examination but its a gateway to 22 National Law Schools. If you are on this page u must be aware of the importance of this examination.

CLAT  is a national level examination that means one will have to race against the aspirants all over the country desperate to find a way to enter in NLUs. More than 50 thousand students will try their luck in CLAT 2020 But the competition level of this examination can be made easier by following a perfect plan of action and strategies. In this article I will tell you about some of the tips & strategies that can make you crack this exam easily.

Take Your First Step

Know exactly where you stand and what do you need to get through”Am I ready?” Once you are mentally and physically prepared, you need to know basic things about the examination like eligibility criteria, exam pattern is competing and important dates of examination.

Plan your Strategy Professionally and Meticulously

Analyze your shortcomings and strengths to plan your strategy. Accumulate your strategy and utilize them efficiently for best results. It requires strategic pl hard work, careful guidance and loads of practice.

Plan your Preparation Well

Make a proper schedule for your preparations and divide it well enough into small milestones. Try to do as many precise things as you can and star concentration. Have a time scheduled for each subject. Divide the preparation instead of random preparation. This process is called as helps us focus on all the topics and subjects.

Keep a Break on Your Anxiety

Most of the aspirants’ dreams are washed away by their anxiety. Replace your anxiety with curiosity and channelise your excitement in a positive direction. If possible meditate whenever you get anxiety attacks. This will help you eradicate the mind and you’ll be able to focus much clearly.

Face Your Fears

The biggest obstacle between you and your success is FEAR. According to most of the successful people who have common law admission test, the best way to tackle your fear is to face your fears. Keep practising the topics that scare you till you become master of those topics. The first step this endeavour is the toughest though the rest can be covered easily!

Always Go for the Basic

Students must clear their basic first rather than anything else because most of the twisted questions can only be solved with the help of basic concepts. To strengthen your basic concept go for coaching notes of subjects provided to you nothing else can give you a sound knowledge of basics in case you have not done coaching try to clear your concept through books that contain exact information about the law.

Syllabus Check

A lot of students study everything even if it is not in entrance examinations’ syllabus. Keep the syllabus of examination on the study table. Check it before you begin and after you end your studies to know how much you need to cover this day.

Do a Systematic Study

After having managed your time for each subject, it is important to read the topic subject wise. Instead of reading here and there, a systematic fashion will help you to understand complex topics easily. If we understand the fundamental concepts first, it becomes easy to understand further advanced concepts.

Memorise the celebrity cases

Mnemonics (tricks to memorize easily), can be highly useful to remember long essays, derivations, formulas and other fact-based concepts. A lot of books are available in the market, which teaches mnemonics. This reduces the time for preparation and increases the memory power try creating mnemonics for the provisions of the law dealt in that particular case so that u can save your time in the examination if any direct question is there.

Avoid Skipping Topics

It’s very important that the students must study each and every topic and understand the syllabus well. Never try to think that this might not get a place in the question paper, always remember CLAT or AILET exams can ask any topic from the syllabus that they have prescribed.

Have Group Discussions

Group discussions are a boon in the preparation for law entrance exams. This works very easily, each one from a group knows something and has a unique skill set. While participating in group discussions, everyone shares the knowledge he knows. This small share, in turn, helps all the participants to understand all the topics, which were discussed in group discussion and the chances of making mistake also decreases after this in the final war.

Test and motivate yourself

It’s important to test your understanding and skills from time to time. This makes sure that you are at the right path and figures out your weak points. You can take mock test papers from online portals. In this website like will prove you of great benefit.  Once you get a good score in these tests, award yourself. This may be anything as per your wish like going to a movie, playing half an hour video game or reading your favourite comics. This not only recharges your mind but also motivates you to do better next time, but remember not to lose the flow u already have.

Practice the max

Our concept here is the practice as much as possible. Let me quote you an example if you want to learn swimming you need to practice that in water rather than reading on how to do the swimming. Taking the lesson from here it is important that how much you have practiced1. Don’t Just Shoot Well-begun is half done, so start professionally, with a cool head. Read the question properly and try to understand it. If you have understood the intricacy of the questions, then half of the job is done. The paper which starts well ends well too. Never try such questions in which you are not sure of the right choice because there is negative marking in the examination.

Increase speed and accuracy

Practice, practice and practise is what you need. There are no shortcuts to success. All you have to do is practice. Study but an objective approach to the subject is mandatory nowadays. Have a clock on your table and try to solve the sample paper in the given time. Learn to coordinate with the clock. If you are serious about entrance examination, act like you are. Raise hand Always ask your doubts to your teachers and other senior persons, never be feel ashamed in asking the doubts. If you carry on your studies with doubts in your mind then you are surely going to have a lot of stress in your mind which will finally start to deviate your mind from the study. So, don’t keep any doubt in your mind, if you have any then clear the same immediately.

Fill the empty spaces

Try to fill the empty spaces i.e. read, recite, and memorize the concepts/formulas while eating, waiting and travelling etc. Breathing exercises should be included in this regime in order to relieve the stress and be ready for intellectual challenges. Food is also a very important aspect that needs to be taken care of when preparing for entrance examinations. Stay away from fried, fatty and high sugar foods and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink water or energy drinks as much as you can.

Never lose your heart: If you find the question paper is not up to your expectations, do not just give away. Put all your acumen and energy to get the best out of it.

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