About the competition

1st National Debate Competition has been conceived with the aim to give exposure to the students to comprehend complex situations and identify the legal problems or lacunae in their topic. This competition can help students in reaching the conclusion of any case by adopting any particular approach.
This competition aims to break the shackles of regionalism and bring together brilliant minds from all across the nations on to a single platform, providing them the opportunity to speak their hearts out on the issues of significant relevance. 
Date and Time: The dates of the competition are 27th and 28th November 2021. It will be conducted online over Zoom or Google Meet. Details of the same will be shared shortly. 
Registration deadline: 21st November 2021 (Till 11:59 pm)


Data Privacy: A fundamental right or a subordinate right 
For the motion- Data privacy is and has to be a fundamental right for all individuals
Against the motion- Data privacy should be Subordinate, Non an essential Right
Note: The topic will be the same, however, the sides will be switched for the final rounds. For instance, If a participant has spoken for the motion in the preliminary rounds, then he/she will have to speak against the motions in the finals and vice-versa. 

Eligibility & Team Composition

This shall be an online event. At present students/participants must be pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, i.e., 3-year LL.B/ 5-year LL.B/6-year LL.B course from any recognized college or university or pursuing LL.M from any recognized university or preparing for the judiciary. 
Individual and Team registrations are allowed. Participation in teams (2 members) is allowed. Team members can be from different universities/colleges. AwardsBest Speaker prize: Rs 2,000/- & an E-Certificate of Merit
Second Best Speaker prize: Rs. 1,100/- & an E-Certificate of Merit
All finalists will be awarded an E-Certificate of Merit.
All finalists will be offered an opportunity to get their write-ups published in TLI Journal of Cybercrimes, IPR, and technology laws. 

Registration Details

Fill out the form below to register yourself.
For registration, follow the link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScOsTOBe7-_vabwwPHdERC8e0uSg21HuxU-t6U8xuzptYBw_w/viewform
Fill out your Name, Year of Study, Branch, and University details along with the screenshot of the payment for completion of registration in the form.
Fee Details: Rs. 150/- (Individual registration)
                     Rs 300/- (Team Registration, max 2 members)
You can use the mode of Google Pay/Phone pe/ Paytm: 9720281573 (Account Holder name- Sidhanta Sarkar)
A/c no.- 518702010060803
IFSC code- UBINO551872
Account holder’s name- Sidhanta Sarkar

Rules of the Competition:

  1. The medium of debate is strictly English.
  2. The participant must maintain the professional decorum at all times throughout the competition.
  3. Each speaker shall keep their cameras and mics on throughout the round, especially when he/she is speaking (including the rebuttals). Further, each participant, once have joined the link, shall keep their cameras on throughout the round.
  4. Each speaker shall be given a time of 3 minutes for speaking for/against the motion and 1 minutes for rebuttal. Further, 2 marks shall be deducted for each minute a speaker exceeds the above mentioned time limits.
  5. The Organising team may take appropriate action against any participant involved in the act of use of any electronic devices (other than the device used for joining the link of the competition) during the competition.
  6. Use of abusive or profane language will immediately disqualify the participant.Individual scores of each round will be released after completion of the respective round.
  7. Each participant will be allotted a unique code for further reference and communication. The participant will be required to use that code only. In case any participant is found disclosing his/her identity, he or she will be immediately disqualified from the competition.
  8. The decision of the judges invited for evaluation will be final and binding.

Contact Details

Jainam Shah – PR & Outreach Team

WhatsApp Group:






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