Call for submissions: Global Affairs and International Relations

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About GAIR

The Alliance School of Law in Bangalore is seeking submissions for the GAIR Newsletter’s first online edition (Vol. 1 Issue 1). It is a quarterly E-newsletter that is open access, peer-reviewed, and refereed. The goal of the GAIR E-Newsletter is to provide an academic forum for students, practitioners, journalists, and academicians to express, debate, and discuss current themes in International Relations and Global Affairs.

The newsletter is looking for works that are dynamic and interdisciplinary in nature, and that demonstrate a thorough understanding of the subject topic.


The central theme for the inaugural issue is Afghanistan Political Crisis and Rise of Taliban.  

The world is watching the situation unfold in Afghanistan following the Taliban’s political takeover. The resulting shift in international relations, as well as the UN’s response, are both major sources of concern for world leaders. Such a power transfer raises not only political, but also economic, security, and human rights concerns.

Sub themes:

  • Role of Security Council in Afghanistan Crisis 
  • Position of India with respect to Diplomatic ties in Afghanistan 
  • Impact of International ties after takeover of Taliban 
  • Human Rights and Taliban 
  • Defacto and Dejure Recognition of Taliban 
  • Impact of Withdrawal of USA Army in Afghanistan 
  • Constitutional Crisis and Political Instability in Afghanistan 
  • Religious Extremism and Impact of Sharia Law on Women 
  • Economic relations after takeover of Taliban 
  • Diplomatic ties of Pakistan and China with Taliban  
  • Education, Social restrictions and justice in Taliban 
  • Humanitarian Crisis following Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan 

The above sub-themes are only illustrative and the participants are free to write on any topic directly connected to the central theme of the Newsletter. 


Practitioners, professors, journalists, students of all disciplines, and anybody who likes to express an opinion are encouraged to contribute their writings.

Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions shall be typewritten in MS Word, Times New Roman font size 12 with line spacing 1.5 and justified alignment. 
  • Co-authorship up to two authors is allowed. 
  • Submissions shall not be less than 700 words and shall not exceed 1000 (exclusive of endnotes).  
  • Submissions shall contain hyperlinks in the body of the manuscript itself, instead of footnotes and endnotes. Endnotes may be used for references where hyperlinks are not possible, or the source is under a paywall or offline – such as books, articles, etc. 
  • The authors should conform to the Bluebook (20th edition) Uniform System of Citation. Endnotes shall be typewritten in, Times New Roman, font size 10, single-line spacing, and justified alignment. 
  • The manuscript should not contain any identification of the author/s, which shall be a ground for rejection of the submission. 
  • The submission must be the original work of the authors. Plagiarism beyond 10% shall not be accepted. 
  • Manuscripts shall be assessed by subjection to Blind Review Procedure. 
  • Submissions shall be lucid, contemporarily relevant, and well-researched. They shall contain a novel analysis of the issue by the author(s).  
  • Authors will be informed regarding acceptance or rejection of their manuscripts within 10 to 15 days and an acknowledgement receipt will be sent within 48 hours of submission of the manuscript. 
  • The authors are required to fill the registration form and upload the article in the below-mentioned link. 
  • Alliance School of Law shall not charge any publication fee. 
  • The contributions towards the Alliance School of Law, GAIR E-Newsletter shall be published on the university’s official website. 

Submission Deadline – 11:59 PM, November 10, 2021. 

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