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GNLU is delighted to announce that it is organizing its 7thEdition of GNLU Air and Space Law Academy’ from September 26-30, 2022.


States are exhibiting an increasingly keen interest in augmenting investments in developing their capabilities and competencies in the realm of both air and space activities. Non-State actors, including private investors, are no exceptions to this emerging trend. It is becoming evident that a nation’s supremacy in air and space will define international relations in the years to come. Recognizing this potential, the Centre organizes GNLU Air and Space Law Academy as a platform for engaging in discourse on contemporary legal issues in the field of air and space.


  • Latest issues in space law include but are not limited to space tourism, space debris, commercial space mining, environmental harm, space exploration, international liability for incidents in space
  • National space policies
  • Current challenges relating to territorial sovereignty and its extension in air and space
  • Aviation-related crimes and Aerial Terrorism
  • Air Accidents and Incident Investigation
  • Regime Governing Military and Civil Airports


Legislative and Regulatory Authorities, Armed Forces, Professionals from Aviation and Space Industry, International Organizations, Institutions focused on Private and Public Capacity building, Faculty Members, Scholars, Researchers and Students, and Professionals/Practitioners interested in the theme of the academy.

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