About the Organizers

Students for Liberty is the largest pro-liberty movement of students in the world with a presence in more than 100 countries and every inhabited continent. Lives for Literacy is a newly formed grassroots organization from Canada that is building bridges between people across the globe and raising literacy awareness.

What is Samvad?

E-samvad is a curation of critical intellectual discourse that helps you manifest your thoughts in the form of a dialogue and encourages discussion with other individuals.

The samvad on Liberty and Literacy is going to be a discussion on proving that literacy is a pathway to freedom, the yearning an individual gets enlightened with, and how this largely focuses on the freedom that comes with educating oneself. There is a crossover between these two terms and this is why we need to establish a dialogue to understand the importance. Furthermore, we will be exploring the role of globalization and how it has played a role in increasing the standards of literacy.

Details of the Event

Registrations are open. Registration is free and required.

Apply before 13th October 2020.

Time: 8:00 PM IST

Date: 18th October 2020

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