Recently a hashtag was trending on the Twitter page stating that most of the positive cases of coronavirus were found from Tablighi Jamaat Nizammudin in Delhi which is the reason for the massive spread of coronavirus, by attaching the Muslim community in the tweets by highlighting the term #Islamiccoronavirusjihad. Concerning this, a plea was brought down under the SC by Advocate Khaja Aijazuddin who appeared as the petitioner. This case was heard by Chief Justice of India NV Ramana.

As we all know that previously in our country so many controversies were held against the Muslim community, and this shouldn’t be happening in our country, as we are living in a diverse society, united together with all the religious communities. It is our right and responsibility to take care of our nation. But irrespective of this our nation is completely down due to the conflicts happening by the religious community.

In contrary to this CJI asked the petitioner that “already people are forgetting these issues, you want to rake them up again?” so the main issue of this plea by the petitioner is, in this pandemic situation the social media should deliver positive news content to the society rather spreading the hate message against the religious community and hurting the religious feelings and belief of the community. And the petitioner asked the court to direct the government to frame particular guild lines under the IT Act of 2000 about the hate message delivered on Twitter and asked the court to restrain these types of messages in social media.

Regarding this issue, the petitioner prayed under Telangana HC, then moved to the apex court since the court does not entertain his matter. Then the court implied on this matter and adjourned the matter for a week and asked the petitioner to read new IT rules where the petitioner contended that the new IT rules do address the issue of communal propaganda in social media where there exists a new rule of IT Act 2021 as it already takes care of it.

-Report by AJISHA