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Lafz : The Indian Speakers Forum is an attempt to provide to a National level platform to the speakers across India. The organisation believes that content articulated in a convincing manner has the potential to bring change in the society using communication as an tool for change ! The organisation believes that youth is the key to change and therefore aims to focus on making youth empowered.


Lafz: The Indian Speakers Forum is an organisation ,which is on a mission to provide platform to every Indian youth along with the educated minds of the nation to share their thoughts on a National platform on, ongoing current issues. We aspire for a informed India , where every youngster has his/her opinion on issues of public interest . We aim at taking out the fear of speaking and raising voices for the change .


Lafz the Indian Speakers Forum see’s India as a nation that has enormous potential in itself in the form of youths they have . The organisation envision’s to provide platform to all such young minds those who wish to bring change in the society through the power of words articulated in the form of speech . We understand the importance of communication in the 21st century and believe that, effective and efficient communication is the most important tool for transforming lives !

We plan to build a strong network among the states and Union Territories of the nation and make a chain of , organised voices and bring them together at a National level platform along with the people who already have their voice in the society .

Lafz is a small step towards the big change that we wish to see in India !

About the topic

“We are independentā€¦.?”
This is a question for our civilization. This is a question for the distinct existence of each individual identity facing the regime. From the democratic Greek philosophy to the Mediaeval society oppressed by Feudal exploitation. From the inception of Nation States to the modern Industrial system. Even after a thousands reforms, a million transformations, and various tenets and principles, the world’s largest democracy continues to ask herself this question on her 75th independence day. However, world’s largest democracy also has the largest and most enriched Constitution. Along with the bureaucratic structure, governing bodies, and an enlightened judiciary, the systematic provisions of our fundamental rights, our fundamental duties and a shared structure of powers have provided us with a constitutional guarantee of our freedom.

Now, if this question exists then do answer it, and if the answer lies in the above- mentioned constitutional guarantee, then do prove it.

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