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Kathmandu School of Law Review (KSLR) shall be the Administrator of this competition for all purposes.

About the International Research Paper Writing Competition (IRPWC)

KSLR is a double-blind peer-reviewed, open-access and faculty-student edited flagship journal of Kathmandu School of Law. It aspires to become one of the growth-stimulators for the budding legal scholarship in Nepal, by publishing quality and balanced contents of local, national, regional, international, and universal value. Although KSLR uses a wide-angle lens and acknowledges that its publications may be instrumental for everyone and every field of scientific inquiry, it primarily aims to be an enabling and accessible publication for scholars and professionals who have stakes in the field of law and legal studies. To this end, KSLR conceived the IRPWC in 2020 specifically as a competitive and incentivised opportunity for emerging scholars and professionals. We believe that the 1st IRPWC, themed ‘International Order Post COVID-19’, was a prodigious stride towards our aim, to continue
which, KSLR announces the commencement of the 2nd IRPWC, and invites submissions within the theme of:

“Contemporary Issues in Migration Law”

Sample Issues

Following is a sample (non-exhaustive list) of broader issues based on which specific topics
for research may be formulated:

  • Issues within the definition and classification of ‘migration’ and ‘migrants’;
  • Issues within various international legal frameworks applicable to human migration. These include: human rights law, international labour standards, refugee law, the law against transnational organised crimes, environment law (notably the law on climate change), humanitarian law, international health regulation, and such;
  • Relativism in law, policies and practices among states of origin, transit and destination, and the consequential gaps in protection of migrants;
  • The role and functions of inter-governmental organisations and the national government(s) in managing human migration and protecting migrants;
  • Accountability of non-state actors;
  • Legal and policy amendments to address the disruptions in and emerging
  • patterns of human migration in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Eligibility for Authorship

  • The competition is open to students enrolled in bachelors, masters or Ph.D. level of studies, research scholars, and early career academicians with no more than 7 years of experience in their profession.
  • A paper may have up to three authors.
  • Only one submission is allowed per author.

Registration Procedure and Deadline

  • Registration for the competition shall be free of cost.
  • Submission of the research paper shall automatically register author(s) for the competition.
  • The research paper should be submitted at https://forms.gle/N5cSCYNCN9JKfreJ9.
  • The deadline for submission of the research paper, without any exception, is 20 December 2021, 11:59 PM NPT (GMT +5:45).

Formatting and Styling

  • The research paper should be submitted as a Word file (.doc/.docx) at the link specified above.
  • The Word file should be named in the following manner:
    • In case of a single author: fullnameoftheauthor_irpwc2021
    • In the case of multiple authors: lastnameofauthor1_lastnameofauthor2_lastnameofauthor3ifany_irpwc2021
  • The research paper should be in English. It may be in any standard form of English.
  • The word limit for the research paper is 10,000 words. This includes an abstract of 200-300 words, annex (if any) and footnotes.

Plagiarism and Referencing

  • The research paper should be the original work of the author(s).
  • The research paper should not have been published elsewhere in significant parts or as a whole. If it has been submitted elsewhere for consideration for publication, the submission must be retracted before submission at IRPWC, and the proof of retraction must be submitted.
  • References must comply with the KSL Comprehensive Style to Legal Citation.


  • The best paper with the highest scores will receive a corresponding certificate and a cash prize of US $150/- (Inclusive of bank transfer charges wherever applicable).
  • The second-best paper with the second-highest scores will receive a corresponding certificate and a cash prize of US $100/- (Inclusive of bank transfer charges wherever applicable).
  • The third best paper with the third highest scores will receive a corresponding certificate and a cash prize of US $50/- (Inclusive of bank transfer charges wherever applicable).
  • Each outstanding paper falling short of three best scores will be awarded an “Honorary Mention” and receive a corresponding certificate.
  • All remaining participants who reach the second round of evaluation will receive a corresponding certificate of participation. Participants who do not reach the second round of evaluation will not receive a certificate of participation.

Important Dates

Call for Research Papers: 20 October 2021
Last Date of Submission: 20 December 2021, 11:59 pm NPT (GMT +5:45)
Declaration of Results: January 2022

For any information relating to the competition please mail at:

irpwc.kslr@gmail.com or visit https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BrPc-m9t1OAuRrYFR5dfHvgUZwK-64sN

WhatsApp Group:






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