Niti Manthan is opening both technical and research Internship applications starting from September’2020 under various fields.

Time Period: One month (Can be extended depending on the field of internship)

Mode of Work: Work from Home-Virtual Internship

Last Date of Application: 22nd September 2020

The departments open for Internship currently are as follows:

Kamakhya: Niti Manthan Menstrual Health Project: The project would both be a collaborative awareness effort to create a real difference. The focus would be on preparing menstrual health awareness modules and percolating awareness amongst school students and kids in the semi-urban spaces. The project would also aim at empowering the women community in vulnerable sections of society by aiding them to establish a manufacturing chain of cloth-based sanitary napkins.

Eligibility Criteria: An enrolled student of any field of study who is interested in working at the ground level

Perks: Internship Certificate

Interns Required: 5

Selection Criteria: First shortlisting on the basis of your CVs followed by an interview round

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2. Centre for Medical and Health Law Ethic Studies: This Niti Manthan research centre is a unique effort to collaborate the complexities of legal rulings and medical issues. The aim is for young upcoming professionals to have open conversations towards an effective policy making in the healthcare sector. For the centre’s first project, a doctrinal research shall be conducted to understand the ‘Conflicting Rights and Responsibilities of the Physician-Patient Relationship w.r.t the Medical Protection Act (MPA)’.

Eligibility Criteria: A regular student of Law, Medicine or Psychology is eligible to apply. The learning affinity and a spirit for constructive research is a sine-qua-non.

Perks: Internship Certificate, Publication

Interns Required: 5

Selection Criteria: Submit your CV along with a Statement of Purpose (Max. 200 words submitted in the same document as the CV). In case the number of applicants is high, a second shortlisting could be conducted on basis of an interview round.

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3. Legal Content Writing: Become a legal content writer for the Niti Manthan website. The selected interns shall be required to submit 8 articles in a period of 1 month. For 4 of those, topics shall be given to them by their content heads and the rest can be of their own choice. Even if you don’t get selected for internships of this month, you shall be added to the concerned group to apply in future for the same internship.

Eligibility Criteria: A regular student pursuing either 3 or 5-year law from any University.

Perks: Internship/Publication Certificate, Certificate of excellence for the best writer in that tenure

Interns required: 15

Application Process: Submit an original article/research paper written by you either published/unpublished [The same should be submitted in the column where “CV” is required. Note: only the paper/article needs to be submitted. ]

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4. Digital Content Creator: Become a part of the Niti Manthan Content Creator team by carrying on weekly assignments. Creating content on the allotted themes/ topics for the Niti Manthan social media handles would be the broad tasks. These could vary from generating posters, research and other edited pieces for events, special occasions and trending legal news.

Eligibility Criteria: Students with basic skills in Photo editing and research

Perks: Internship Certificate, Moral rights over the original content generated during the period of internship, Free access to all the webinars of Niti Manthan

Interns required: 10

Application Process: Submit your CV along with a sample poster (URL of the open drive link of the work could be attached) (in the same document) on the theme “Legal Literacy”.

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5. Video Editors: Broad tasks for this internship shall be; generate digital content including news feeds, short videos, graphics and edit/upload videos of lecture series, e-classes, webinars and interviews by Niti Manthan. The work shall be given on an assignment basis whenever needed and not on a daily basis.

Eligibility: Students adept in graphic designing, video editing and content management. They must be well versed with iMovie, Premiere pro, Vega pro or any other video editing software.

Perks: Internship Certificate, Moral rights over the original content generated during the period of internship, Free access to all the webinars of Niti Manthan

Interns required: 3

Application process: Along with your CV, in the same document attach a URL link of your sample production Viz. Digital poster, video clip, graphic design, etc.

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6. Frontend Developer/coder:
 In this domain, the intern would be required to create modern, aesthetic and Responsive UI and pages which will be integrated with the Niti Manthan Website.

Eligibility: Student/professional who is comfortable working with normal front end tech stack i.e. JS, CSS, HTML. Basic knowledge of Django would be appreciated.

Perks: There would a stipend based on performance and according to market standards. In addition, certificate and LOR would be provided. Learning from the industry experts would be an additional perk.

Interns required: 2

Application process: Along with your CV, in the same document attach a URL link of your sample work.

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Architi Batra: +91 9643720882

Madhav Gawri: +91 8700568976

Nidhi Pathak: +91 9599583729 (For video editors and digital content)

Or write to us at

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