Parliamentary Debate Competition: TNNLU


The Government of Tamil Nadu established the Tamil Nadu National Law University (TNNLU) by an Act of State Legislature (Act No. 9 of 2012) to deliver quality legal education at a global level. TNNLU is located in Tiruchirappalli, Dindigul, on a 25-acre campus.

About the Debate

They want to provide an excellent debating experience to prepare you for Nepal Australs 2021, with a stellar Core Adjudication Panel and enticing cash rewards. Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the event will be held online this year.


The tournament is open to all participants (Institutional contingents, Open/Cross teams, Independent Adjudicators) and we encourage international teams to apply as well.


Australs (3 teams v 3 teams).

Please see this page for additional information about the Australs format of Parliamentary Debate:


Zoom + Discord

Time Zone

 UTC +5:30

Team Cap

We have a team cap of 50 teams. Allocation of slots will be done on a first come first serve basis.

Registration Details

  • Institutional Teams: INR 500/ USD 8 (including transaction fees) per speaker.
  • Institutional/Independent Adjudicator: INR 400/ USD 7 (including transaction fees) per adjudicator.
  • Adjudicator Policy: N=1 (One adjudicator must mandatorily apply with each team that is participating, an exemption may be given upon request).
  • Deadline: 15th November, 11:59 PM (Closing of First Phase of Registrations).

Link for Registration

Contact details or

  • Tushitta Murali: +91-9962257017
  • Nived K M: +91-9961185293

WhatsApp Group:



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