About the Organization:

Antahkarana Group is a non-profit organization working for mental health inclusivity. Antahkarana Group is working on various Mental Health issues through research work, content creation, organizing and executing campaigns, events or workshops and other public action with our volunteers’ support. There are on-ground projects as well in collaboration with various organizations.

Details of the Project:

This Research-Advocacy Project is one of its kind to bring together persons from legal and mental health background to work together on a macro level research of mental health care structure in India.

Antahkarana Group had shortlisted a few issues which needed to be worked upon in terms of research and advocacy. Some professionals and students from both law and mental health fields have worked on this project and it is going through an editorial phase right now.

Antahkarana Group is looking for Editors in the field of law with some background in similar work.


4th and 5th year students from 5 year integrated course ,

Final year students from 3 year LL.B course.

Law graduates.

Post graduates.

Legal professionals.

Time Period:

8th December 2020- 31st December 2020

Number of Vacancies avaiable:



Certificate and Letter of Recommendation. Proper credits would be given in the publication.

Last date to apply:

December 7, 2020.

How to apply?

To apply, write to us at contactantahkaranagroup[at]gmail.com and attach your CV along with. Applicants having some history in editing work and research would be given preference.

Contact information:

For queries, kindly contact contactantahkaranagroup[at]gmail.com.

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