Asaram Bapu who has been sentenced to life imprisonment for raping a teenage girl in his ashram has now recently filed a bail application in Supreme Court. After getting to know this the victim’s father has moved to Supreme Court, opposing the bail plea of Asaram Bapu.

The rape victim’s father state’s that Asaram Bapu will organize revenge killing of him, his families, and eyewitnesses if bail is been granted. He submitted that the petitioner is highly influential and has a political connection and also millions of blind followers. Many eyewitnesses have already been attacked in the past by the accused and recently the applicant himself has been threatened by Asaram Bapu’s connection. And in case bail is granted to him then it is likely that he and his family will be attacked and also he has hired Kartik Haldar who killed and attacked an eyewitness who confessed to the police.

The motive of the accused is evident by various moves of the accused such as recently the petitioner has been attempting to change the venue of his custody; the accused is also deliberately delaying the pending trial at Gandhi Nagar and Jodhpur even though he is stable and fit. Rajasthan government has also told the top court that Asaram Bapu is fit and stable but trying to change the venue of his custody deliberately.

-Report by Riddhi Dubey

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