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Centre for Intellectual Property Studies [CIPS] was established in 2018 with the aim to promote research and studies in the field of Intellectual Property Rights. The Centre also monitors, designs and disseminates various courses and programmes pertaining to training and research in Intellectual Property Rights.

About the Webinar

Topic: Broadcasting Rights and Fair Use in Sports

While the rise of social media platforms has contributed immensely to maintaining sports at the forefront of public consciousness, it has also unleashed a pandora’s box of new challenges in the field of copyright law. People today enjoy unprecedented ease in recording and uploading highlights and clips of sports on various social media platforms. This unauthorised broadcasting of the sport is panned by sporting organisations and broadcasters, who assert that this encroaches upon their intellectual property rights over the broadcast of the sport.

The assertion is often contested on the ground that the upload of these small clips doesn’t constitute infringement as it falls within the meaning of fair use or fair dealing under copyright law. However, the intention of the uploader in such cases is always questionable and would be decided on a case to case basis.

The Webinar provides an opportunity for a discussion on the legal issues pertaining to broadcasting and seeks to provide participants with industry insight on how broadcasting agreements are negotiated and drafted, the role of lawyers in advising clients in relation to such copyright claims and the process for filing take down notices.

About the Speakers

Ms. Aahna Mehrotra: Ms. Aahna Mehrotra is the Founder of AM Sports Law & Management Co. and Partner at TMT Law Practice. She has been the Vice-Chairperson of the Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel, India since 2019.

Ms. Namrata Chatterjee: Ms. Namrata Chatterjee is presently engaged as the League Secretary of the Indian Super League.


The webinar is open to all persons from law and non-law background having an interest in sports and copyright law.

All attendees will be awarded e-certificates of participation by the Centre.

Important Dates

Last date of registration: September 4, 2020 (11:59 pm)

Date of the Webinar: September 5, 2020 (2:30 pm)

Registration Process

Registration is mandatory for attending the webinar.

The registration fee is as follows:

Students: INR 250/-

Academicians, Lawyers, and other interested persons: INR 750/-

Each attendee shall pay the registration fee at the following this link at ‘Payment Other than Semester Fee’ specifying the purpose of payment as ‘CIPS Sports Webinar’.

Once the registration fee is paid, the payment receipt shall be e-mailed at cips[at]nlujodhpur.ac.in. The subject of the e-mail shall be ‘Registration Receipt: Sports Webinar’.

The email should carry the following details: Name of the participant, Year and course (if applicable), Name of the University/Organisation, and Contact details (Phone Number and Email Id).

Contact Details

Any queries may be directed to cips[at]nlujodhpur.ac.in or the following:

Anuj Garg, Member, CIPS (+91-9971099671)

For the brochure of NLUJ, CIPS’s Webinar on Broadcasting Rights and Fair Use in Sports, click here.

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