National PIL Drafting Competition: Dr. Ambedkar College

About the centre for constitutional Law & Public policy Debate

The Centre for Constitutional Law & Public Policy Debate aims at providing a common platform for exchange of views, for deliberation and discussions regarding contemporary issues in the field of Constitutional law. Its purpose is to bring all the stakeholders including legal luminaries, students, distinguished academicians on one platform to share their knowledge and views regarding issues pertaining to Constitutional law and public policy.

The Centre strives at providing opportunity to the students to develop an in depth understanding about the Constitution of India,1950 which is a living document and equally enduring in nature.

About the competition

Public Interest Litigation (PIL) is one of the most indispensable parts of our Indian Legal System. The National PIL drafting competition aims at giving the upcoming generation of the legal fraternity, an opportunity to understand the practical dynamics that go into making of a PIL.

The objective of the Competition is to improve and deepen the level of analytical and critical thinking by involving the participants in some real-life practical problems. The participants would be required to draft a PIL memorial on the draft proposition attached as a separate document.


  1. All the participants are requested to register themselves for the competition through by 06.11.2021.
  2. There is no registration fee for participating in the competition.

Team composition

  • Individual participation or participation in a team of two is allowed.
  • One College will be represented by one team ONLY.
  • The substitution of any Team Member is not allowed after the registration deadline 06.11.2021 by 11:59 P.M.) except in extenuating circumstances and only with permission of the Organizer.

Queries and clarifications

  • All the queries and clarifications must be addressed to official mail id and the subject of the mail must read as “PIL COMPETITION QUERY”.
  • No query without the subject “PIL COMPETITION QUERY” would be entertained.
  • There is NO last date to raise any clarifications
  • No queries otherwise than through a mail on, shall be entertained whatsoever the case may be.

Memorial Guidelines

Submission of PIL Guidelines

  • Each participating Team must prepare ONE PIL memorial.
  • If a participant/team wishes to submit any annexures to support his/her arguments [for instance Reports, Commentaries, News Clippings, etc.] a compendium of all the relevant annexures must be prepared and should be  sent along with the memorial, as per the proforma set in the PIL Rules. 
  • All PIL memorials must reach us on this email address: till 11:59 P.M., 21.11.2021 with the Subject of the email as “PIL Memorial of Team
  • Code- “ABC”. In case any file which is received is corrupted, then the requisite team shall be given 6 hours from the time of intimation to send the correct file, failing which they will be disqualified. 
  • Any submission made after the deadline specified shall attract a penalty of deduction of 1 mark per hour from the aggregate marks.
  • No entry made after 24 hours of the deadline shall be accepted in any case.
  • All memorials received shall be subjected to plagiarism check. In case the memorial of two or more participants/teams is found “exactly identical” to each other, both the participants/ teams shall be disqualified.

Formatting guidelines

  1. All the Memorials must be submitted in both Microsoft Word Document format (.doc/.docx) and PDF Format (.pdf) [i.e. each team is required to send 2 files- One in MS Word format and one in PDF format].
  2. For other rules regarding drafting of PIL, compliance to the Bombay High Court’s standard rules mentioned in Bombay High Court Appellate Side Rules, 1960 shall be mandatory. 


  • The non-adherence of sub-rule i shall attract the penalty of 5 marks
  • The non-adherence of sub-rule ii shall attract the penalty of 1 mark each  discrepancy.
  • If any memorial is found to be plagiarised, it shall result into disqualification of the team.



Content of the memorial

The PIL Memorial must contain all of, and only, the following components:

  1. Cover Page (For Identification / Team Code Purposes only)
  2. Index
  3. Synopsis (List of Dates and Events)
  4. Memo of PIL
  5. List of Annexures (with Annexures), if any


The overall draft of the PIL (Memo) should not exceed 25 pages. Together with Index, Synopsis and List of Annexures (Annexures), the same should not exceed more than 50 pages.


Each memorial shall be evaluated on the following parameters:

  • Knowledge of Law and Facts of the proposition – 20
  • Proper and Articulate Analysis – 20
  • Extent and Use of Research – 20
  • Clarity and Organization – 15
  • Grammar and Style – 15
  • Correct format and Citation style – 10


TOTAL 100 marks


  • First Position: Cash Prize: Rs. 5000/- + Certificate of excellence + Internship Opportunity at AIR (two-month content creation internship MAY be offered in case of exceptional writing skills)
  • Second Position: Cash Prize: Rs. 3000/- + Certificate of excellence + Internship Opportunity at AIR (two-month content creation internship MAY be offered in case of exceptional writing skills)

NOTE: In case of team participation, the co-author to the winning entry, if any, shall share the prize with the first author.

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