Raffles university was founded by late Shri Vinod Kumar Gomber, a towering human being gifted with compassion and ethics and the will to impart holistic value-based education to the youth of Rajasthan and beyond, who has also been an alumnus of Harvard University. Also, the introduction of Raffles is incomplete without Hon’ble Dr. Justice Meena V. Gomber, who is a former Judge of the Rajasthan High Court and subsequently served as Head of the Armed Forces Tribunal, Jaipur – Jodhpur from 2013 – 2016. Currently, she has been effectively working as the Chairperson, Gomber Education Foundation and looking after the functioning of Raffles University, Neemrana.


School of Law conventionally runs Law Clinics that provide legal services to those who cannot, otherwise, access these services. With the help of District Legal Services Authority, under the banner of Rajasthan State Legal Services Authority, the school has been continuously running legal clinic movements and has, had a large impact on access to legal services, to the local community.


Aim & Purpose

SURANA & SURANA & SCHOOL OF LAW, RAFFLES UNIVERSITY NATIONAL LABOUR LAW MOOT COURT has been conceived with the aim of creating opportunities for learning the development of jurisprudence on emerging trends in Labour Law besides developing cutting edge skills in research, writing and advocacy.

Venue and Date

The 4th SURANA & SURANA & SCHOOL OF LAW, RAFFLES UNIVERSITY NATIONAL LABOUR LAW MOOT COURT 2021 shall be held virtually from 26 – 28 November 2021.

The competition shall be in the English language.


The competition is open for students who are studying LLB three year or five-year course during the current academic year interested in Employment Law and who belong to institutions that have been invited.

Team Composition

  • Each team should consist of a minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 members. This number cannot be modified under any circumstances.
  • There shall be 2 speakers and 1 researcher designated for each team. The researcher shall be allowed to argue with prior permission of the court and National Administrator in case of illness of the designated speakers.
  • Each team will be provided a team code during orientation. Teams should not disclose the identity of their institution; such disclosure shall invite penalties including disqualification. The decision for the same shall be at the discretion of the National Administrator.


  • Online registrations are open from 6 th October 2021. The teams must register online by 30th October 2021. Teams will have to register online at www.moot.in Only 40 teams will be registered to participate in the competition on firstcome-first serve basis
  • No temporary registration requests will be entertained. Kindly refrain from sending such requests to Surana & Surana or SOL, Raffles University.
  • Participants will receive an automated system generated acknowledgement on successful submission of registration. Participants will receive an approval as acceptance of their request for participation latest by 2nd November 2021 or earlier.

Registration Process

  • Option 1 – The Registration form cum Approval letter as provided in the rules duly signed & sealed by your university / college / moot society.
  • Option 2 – Upload both (i) & (ii) together as a single PDF- (i) The Registration form cum Approval letter (without seal & signature) as provided in the rules duly filled along with; (ii)Scanned copy of authorisation letter with sign and seal from your university/ college / moot society or
  • An email communication from the official id (to be filled as notification email id during online registration process) of the institution, from your university / college / moot society to complete the registration process.
  • Note:
    • Signatories on the registration form should be any of the following: – Faculty-in-charge of MCA / MCS / MCC, Registrar, Dean, Principal, Director, Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor
    • Registration without the scanned copy of the approval letter / an email communication from the college/institution/university or duly attested registration form will not be valid.
  • Soft copy of the registration and approval letter/ an email communication as a single PDF to be sent by email to: mcc@rafflesuniversity.edu.in marked as 4th SURANA & SURANA AND SCHOOL OF LAW, RAFFLES UNIVERSITY LABOUR LAW MOOT COURT COMPETITION REGISTRATION as subject of the mail latest by 4th November 2021. The provisional team code shall be allotted to the registered teams by Host University soon after receiving of registration particulars along with the registration fee
  • On receiving the provisional team code from moot committee/society of SOL, Raffles University you may proceed to pay the registration fees.

How to pay?

A registration fee of Rs. 1500/- is to be paid online by 3rd November 2021 to:
A/c NO: 01319400000300
IFSC: YESB0000131
Receipt of the online payment to be sent by email to: mcc@rafflesuniversity.edu.in

Important dates

Start of Online Registration- 6th October 2021
Last date for requesting clarification for Problem- 6th November 2021
Last date for Online Registration- 30th October 2021
Last date for payment of Registration Fee- 3rd November 2021
Last date for receiving copies of Reg. Form / Approval letter along with details of registration fee payment- 4th November 2021
Last Date for Submission of Memorials- 14th November 2021

Contact Details

Regarding Queries on Case / Submission of Memorials /Accommodation / Transport/ etc.
(a) Mr. Arun Verma (HOD) – arun.verma@rafflesuniversity.edu.in
Mob: +91-8077921962 – Convener
(b) Ms. Sabiha Khan (Asst. Prof.)- sabiha.khan@rafflesuniversity.edu.in
Mob: +91- 8954069567 – Co – Convener
Regarding registration
Preetam Surana
Advocate & Head, Academic Initiatives
Head (Admin), Litigation & Arbitration Practice
Surana & Surana International Attorneys
Email: mootcourt@lawindia.com, Ph: 044 – 2812 0000, Fax: 91 – 44 – 2812 0001

WhatsApp Group:






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