About the Organization

MNF Law Firm is a dream project of three young and enthusiastic Law Graduates. Our primary objective is to provide legal assistance to the people from the grassroots level, our platform also promotes research, writing on various topics like legal, social, political etc.

        We will also focus on providing various opportunities to the student’s fraternity by conducting various competitions like Quiz, Article writing and offering Internship to the students. We have our Honorary Board consists of Reputed Advocates of Supreme Court of India, Partners from Indian Top Law Firms. Also, a sound Advisory Board consists of  Experienced Member from 

Duties and Responsibilities of Research Board

  1. Doing Research on Current Issues National and International aspects and Report Submission.
  2. Making Current affairs.
  3. Making Reports on Recent  Judgment of Supreme Court of India and Various High Courts of States.
  4. Doing Research on Important Judgment.
  5.  Doing Research on Important legal topics.


      Law Student


  Duration of membership will be 2 month may extend based on interest of the Stakeholder.


  1. Certificate of Excellence will be provided to Top- 5 Members based on their works
  2. Certificate of Appreciation for Top- 15 Member.
  3. Letter of Recommendation will be issued to few members based on their exemplary work.
  4. All the Members will get a Certificate of Completion after Completion of term

Apply here – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScf7zPdYqCajLAjWbwKzBQPJzwCgJ7G4DJ4FN5XXAT8BQes7Q/viewform

Terms and Condition will be issued by the Firm later.

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