About the Competition

In these tough times of the COVID-19 Pandemic when most of the mooting activities have stood cancelled we decided to take the initiative to ensure that the process of learning does not stop. In order to maintain continuous learning for all the law students across India and to ensure development of all we have come up with Memorial Drafting Competition, 2020. Memorial drafting is one of the most important skills that a law student must possess and further it also enhances the research skills of a law student and also improves the skills of drafting. We have chosen the topic of criminal law for this moot as this pandemic has brought forward many questions and we believe that it is important to find answers to all of these. With this idea S&M Partners assembled a team of avid mooters and came up with this endeavor. Mr. Saunak Rajguru, Attorney, J. Sagar and Associates and an avid mooter of his time has drafted the moot problem.

About S&M Partners

S&M Partners is a platform run by professionals towards contributing to Legal Education and Practices. We have a proficient team of Advocates, Legal Academicians, Legal luminaries and Law students who are committed for the law student’s welfare by empowering them with Knowledge, Experience and Wisdom. We offer wide range of Certified Online Courses which anyone can access anywhere with best learning experience. S&M Partners is a platform created for the purpose to foster the interest of law students and strategies of our professionals will help you solve very Legal Issues. We aim to expand to serve the need of law students who are the very foundation of legal fraternity.

Important Dates

  1. Release of competition: 14th May 2020
  2. Last date to register: 30th May 2020
  3. Last date for seeking clarification: 5th June 2020
  4. Release of clarification: 7th June 2020
  5. Last date of submission: 10th June 2020
  6. Declaration of the result: 15th June

To register click here: https://smpartners.in/2020/05/09/constitutional-

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