About the Internship Opportunity

Leo Cussen Centre for Law, Australia has an excellent reputation training law graduates for admission to the legal profession since 1972. They train people with a law degree to become practical lawyers.

InsideSherpa (Now- TheForage) is an open-access platform designed to unlock exciting careers for students, by connecting them to company endorsed Virtual Intern programs. Not only are they free, open access, and completely online – but also CV certified and endorsed by host companies.

The former recently partnered with InsideSherpa to build a Leo Cussen Human Rights Law Virtual Internship Program designed to provide students with valuable insight into what it’s really like to solve human rights issues in legal practice.

The virtual internship is:

  • Free
  • Entirely online
  • Accessible to everyone
  • Self-paced


Law Students

Focus of the Internship

  • Legal communication skills.
  • Advising on an employment dismissal, a discrimination issue, and a deportation matter.

Nature of the Internship

  • Online
  • Self-paced


Approximately 5-6 hours.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Review client communications to determine what is required.
  • Summaries and synthesize relevant information for your supervisor.
  • Help provide legal advice to an employee who appears to have been dismissed and/or discriminated against.
  • Help provide legal advice to a disabled client who appears to have been discriminated against.
  • Summaries instructions to challenge a deportation order.
  • Draft a Memo of advice to the senior lawyer about how best to challenge the client’s deportation order.
  • Identifying human rights international conventions or treaties.

How to Register

  • Click on the ‘Register Now’ button at the end of the page. (Link of the page given at the end of this post)
  • Sign Up with the required information.
  • Get Started with the Internship!

Click here to know more about the Leo Cussen Virtual Internship.

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