Legal Reasoning is considered one of the most important section out of all the other section that an aspirant is preparing for the CLAT examination.

Most of the preparators/aspirants does not understand the actual objective of examiner behind this section and they prepare in a different way which does not works at all.

Objective of the examiner is not to check legal acumen rather to check Reasoning Skill of the aspirant.

 Legal Reasoning is all about applying ideas or principles to make logical connections in a given set of fact or situation and to find out the most relevant option available.

The pattern of question is usually based on the same concept.

  • A Legal principle followed by some factual situation.
  • Question based on excerpts and Paragraphs.

In recent years it has been seen that the questions are taken from the recent legal issues that has been in headlines. So, students should read out the Newspaper and keep on checking the recent trends from there.

Some of the key areas in different subjects of law are given that is of prime importance for the aspirants.

Indian Contract Act-Offer, Acceptance, Essential Conditions to Contract, Partnership, Types of Contract, Void and Voidable Contract, Communication etc.
Law of Torts –Nuisance, Trespass, Negligence, Defamation, Strict, Absolute and Vicarious Liability, Malicious Prosecution etc.
Indian Penal Code-General Exceptions, Crime against property, crime against human, crime against state etc
Indian Constitution –Preamble, Fundamental Rights, DPSP, President, Council of Ministers, CAG, AG, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Supreme Court, Governor, Legislative Assembly, Amendments, Languages, Consolidated and Contingency Fund, Lok Adalats, Landmark Cases, etc.

Apart from this there are some miscellaneous areas of law that aspirants should focus like

Family Law, Sales of goods Act, property laws, Administrative Laws.


  • Read the landmark judgement on each topics of law so that you can grab the secret of application of law.
  • Pick the daily News Paper see the headlines where the unlawful incident is covered and try to find out that what are the charges under the law for which the liability is arising.

*The above give topics from different subject areas of law are advisory in nature, we are not claiming that the questions will be from there only.

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