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About Criminal Law Research & Review (CrLRR )

Ashwani Kumar Singh launched Criminal Law Research & Review (CrLRR), formerly Criminal Law Review, as a research organisation. CrLRR undertakes research projects, publishes – a weekly called ‘Ratio Obiter,’ a blog, handbooks and digest notes, among other things – and organises various events in order to aid the legal community, increase awareness, and influence legislative decisions.

About the CrLRR Law School POSH Project

The Organisation has launched the CrLRR Law School POSH Project to examine the effectiveness and implementation of the UGC POSH Regulations, 2015 as well as to create awareness about the POSH Laws and Regulations.

What exactly does it involve?

Questionnaire: UG & PG Law Students enrolled in any Indian Institute are requested to fill the Questionnaire providing inputs on their understanding of the POSH Laws & Regulations and how well these Laws and Regulations are implemented in their universities and colleges.

Access the Questionnaire here:

Webinar/Panel Discussion: On create awareness among law students and sensitize them about their rights, responsibilities enshrined in the POSH Act and the Regulations

Interviews: of professionals and students who have worked or are working on matters relating to POSH.

Open House Sessions: with Law Students, to hear them out on the issue and provide a platform for a nuance discussion on POSH Laws, Regulations, and the issue in general.

Interim & Final Report

The organisation will eventually come up with a report on the findings. If so required, they may also release an interim report in Jan-Feb before the Final Report.

Project Page –

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