Jus Commune is an online forum that promotes and seeks to maintain various legal competitions. The contests’ platter shall consist of quizzes, article writing, judgment writing, online debates, etc. We strive to stimulate your abilities and encourage you to sharpen your skills. We would showcase the best compositions with pride on Jus Commune. We believe that it’s a competition that ensures the survival of the fittest.


Team Jus Commune is looking for passionate, hard-working and sincere members for several different creative and exciting positions available at the moment. A wide range of tasks, be it legal or non-legal, shall provide ample scope for discovering, honing and utilizing skills for a better cause.


Work from home


Any student who finds himself eligible can apply for the same, though preference shall be given to Law Students currently enrolled in either 5 Year/3 Year Law Course.

Note: One student can apply for one position and no stipend whatsoever shall be paid.



1. Student Editor job description

Editing is an intricate business. Jus Commune is looking for student editors with strong grip on language and detail-oriented outlook. We require them to generating content and topic ideas for the events conducted.

2.   Vacancies

4 student editors required

3.   Eligibility

  • Focused undergraduate students of law- 5 years program ( BA LLB/ BBA LLB) and also 3 years program (LLB).
  • Coherent writing skills are sought for in the candidates.

4.   How to apply

Send your CV to hr.communejus@gmail.com along with a draft for the event, i.e, “Essay Writing Competition organized by Jus Commune”. Add the required details for the draft as per your imagination.

The student editor and designer positions are permanent in nature and the selected individuals shall be featured on the official website of Jus Commune.


1. Job Description of Legal Content Writers

Jus Commune requires knowledgeable, creative and sincere legal content writers for simplifying the legal complexities and presenting them in a lucid manner before the masses for their perusal.

2.   Vacancies

10 Content Writers.

3.   Responsibilities

Work includes writing short creative legal posts for Instagram Handle.

4.   How to Apply

Send your CV at to hr.communejus@gmail.com


1. Job Description

Team Jus Commune requires students who are good at handling people and considerably active on various social media handles available herein.

2. Vacancies

5 Members

2. Responsibilities

Work Includes assisting in handling or taking the lead (as the case may be) the Instagram and Facebook handle of Jus Commune and helping expand outreach amongst various Law Firms and Law Schools in the country.

4. How to Apply

Send your CV at hr.communejus@gmail.com


1. About the College Representatives Program

Campus Ambassador program is essentially the campus-based promotion of Jus Commune. It will mostly consist of creating a stronger base of legal enthusiasts in Jus Commune.

  • Social media marketing: The College Representatives have to circulate the E-posters on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. They must utilize the official website and spread awareness about it in the students.
  • In college promotion: It includes promotion by displaying banners and other information about Jus Commune on the notice board.

2. Eligibility

  • Essential marketing skills are also required.
  • We would accept 1 campus ambassador from each college.

3. Duration

Sincere availability of the candidates for 1 month.

4. How to apply

Mail us your CV at hr.communejus@gmail.com


Position will be permanent in nature

Outstanding work shall be awarded and recognition shall be assured on social media handle. Certificate after the completion of the tenure

A certificate of appreciation shall be awarded to the ones who perform the best.


Email ID: communejus@gmail.com

Lavanya Rai: 6307317158

Aditi Mishra: 9861723001


Website: http://thejuscommune.wordpress.com

Instagram: @juscommune

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