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Indian Journal of Legal Review [IJLR] is a Legal Institution, which has been established with a vision of excellence in legal research and we aim to promote savant excellence in the area of law. IJLR is an organisation to make a significant positive growth in the legal field. We are working with our three wings.

About Competition

The moto of the Judgment Writing Competition is to capture the art of decision-making in fledgling Law students and Masters striving to join reputable judicial services, as well as to reveal the dynamic position of Judges in society. The judgement writing competition involves a holistic approach to law in terms of theory and application. The legal arguments based on facts and circumstances, as well as legal precedents and reasoning, set the way for the formulation of judgments. We firmly feel that this competition is an attempt to create a platform for our country’s forthcoming bright legal minds to hone their advocacy abilities and demonstrate their legal expertise. The novelty of this competition is that it allows competitors to hone their drafting abilities and also allowing them to debate the constitutional legality of the laws under which the fact or case was performed.


  1. General Information
    1.1 These are the rules for the 1st National Judgement Drafting Competition, 2021.
    1.2 The competition is being conducted by Indian Journal of Legal Review (IJLR).
    1.3 Last Date for submitting Judgements – December 12, 2021.
    1.4 The Organising Committee shall function as the point of contact, and any changes in the Rules of the Competition shall be notified by email to all participating teams.
    1.5 The Competition shall be conducted by rules mentioned hereunder. Participants are required to comply with the rules and procedures prescribed herein.
    1.6 The official email for all correspondence for the Competition is info@ijlr.in.
  1. Definition Part
    2.1. “Competition” means the 1st National Judgement Drafting Competition, 2021.
    2.2. “Identity” means any fact of the identity of the Team, its members, or the Institution/College/University represented by the Team and the state or region where such Institution/College/University is located and includes any identification marks/ seal of the Team or the Institution/ College/University represented.
    2.3. “Organizing Committee” or “OC” means the Organizing Members from IJLR.
    2.4. “Team” means the registered participants in the Competition and shall include only those members as specified in Rule 3.2 of the Rules of the Competition.
    2.5. “Team Code” means the code assigned to a Team for Representing.
    2.6. “Judgement” means the written submissions submitted by any Team as per these Rules of the Competition.
    2.7. “Judgement Score” means the score determined by the Rules of the Competition.
  1. Eligibility and Registration
    3.1. Any students enrolled in a three (3) year LL.B. programme or a five (5) year LL.B. programme shall be eligible to participate in the Competition. Students enrolled in PostGraduate are also eligible to participate in this Competition. A person not eligible to participate in the competition who is currently member at IJLR.
    3.2. The team composition for the Competition shall be either Individual Member or Maximum Two Members. Inter-Cross college or university team registration is allowed in this Competition.
    3.3 Here is no need for any authorisation letter from any institutions.
    3.4 Registration fee for a Team is ₹ 125. Registration Fees must be paid before registration. And except in inevitable circumstances, the registration fee is not refundable.
    3.5 Payment Instructions:
    In the case of Bank Transaction:-
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 74980100022173.
    BRANCH NAME: Salai Road, Tiruchirappalli.
    In the case of UPI Transaction:-
    ijlr@upi (or) +91 94896 71437
    3.6 Registration is open from 1st November to 30th November 2021. Registration Link
    https://ijlr.in/1NJDC2021.html .
    3.7 After the Registration process complies with the participants, within 18 hours
    confirmation mail and Team code shall be allotted to that team.
    3.8 After Team Code allotment, Teams must represent their team code to The Organising
    Committee for any situations. Non-Comply with this rule will lead to disqualification of
  2. Formatting Guidelines

4.1 The font of the entire body of the judgment must be ‘Times New Roman’ with the fon
size of 12.
4.2 There shall be no footnotes or endnotes in the entire document, the authorities must be
cited within the main body of the judgment itself.
4.3 A line spacing must be kept at 1.5 points, uniformly throughout the document.
4.4 The document must be neatly bordered from all the 4 sides.
4.5 The Team Code and the Name of the Court must be in ‘Bold’ in the cover page
4.6 Any verbatim copying of any part of the judgment or the legal provision must be italicized
and written within inverted commas only.
4.7 The margins of the document must be set in ‘Normal’ leaving 1” all four sides.
4.8 The size of the document must be in ‘A4’ size.

  1. Submission Guidelines
    5.1 The judgment shall not exceed 15 pages, including the cover page.
    5.2 The team is required to cite authorities similar to judgments of courts. The teams must
    adhere to the 20th Bluebook citation format.
    5.3 The judgment shall conform to the format as mentioned below.
    5.4 The submission must be made in PDF format via the Google Form.
    5.5 The name of the file should be the team code followed by the format of the file (e.g. if the
    team code is TC001, then the file name must be ‘TC001_PDF’)
  2. Format of the Judgment
    Every judgment must mandatorily incorporate the points mentioned below, in the body of the
    judgment, failing which the participants may attract deductions:
    • First Page
    • Team Code
    • Name of the Court
    • Title, Number of the Case
    • Date of Delivery of Judgment
    • Nature of the Case(s) (Civil/Criminal/Writ)
    • Any other relevant information team wishes to incorporate on first page similar to Judgments of the Indian Courts.
    • Facts / History & Procedural History of the Petition / Suit / Appeal
    • Admissibility / Maintainability of Petitions / Suits / Appeals
    • Issues & Points for Determination
    • Framing Specific Questions for determination
    • Reference to Precedents, Other Sources (both authoritative & persuasive)
    • Decision on issues framed or points formulated
    • Decretal / Operative Part.
  3. Deadline for Submission
    ▪ The judgment is to be submitted via the google form https://ijlr.in/S1NJDC2021.html
    in pdf latest by 11:59 P.M. IST, December 12, 2021.
    ▪ In case of multiple submissions, the last submission by the participant before the
    deadline will be considered for evaluation and any submission received after the
    deadline shall not be considered for evaluation, and the team shall be disqualified.
  4. Clarifications
    The Participating teams can request for clarifications to the proposition on or before
    December 5, 2021, by sending an email to info@ijlr.in
    The teams shall receive the final list of clarifications on or before December 7, 2021.
  5. Settlement of Disputes
    The organising committee shall have the final discretion in case of any dispute amongst the
    teams or any dispute regarding the results of the competition.
  6. Important Dates
    Registration Opens on 1st November, 2021.
    Registration Close on 30th November, 2021.
    Last date for Seeking Clarification 5th December, 2021.
    Last date for Memorial Submission 12th December, 2021.
    Results Declaration 19th December, 2021.

Contact details

Any time you can contact us relating to this Competition via +91 94896 71437 (Prasanna S, Organizer)

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