About the company

SugarBox is the world’s first hyperlocal CDN that is made in India. It is an enabler that makes digital access reliable, affordable and enhances consumption across geographies. The technology uses a unique Content Delivery Network (CDN) built by installing hyperlocal Edge servers at consumer points of interest, which can then be exposed to users via local area networks (LANs). This enables high-speed digital access anywhere, without users being dependent on their internet connection. Reimagining connectivity to make digital services available, reliable, affordable, and contextual – is SugarBox

About the job

Role Description – Senior Manager/Associate Director, Legal

Location – Mumbai

Reporting to – CFO

What is SugarBox…

SugarBox is a first-of-its-kind platform in the world that empowers users without an internet connection to use digital Apps and enables Digital Apps to work even in places with bad or no internet / network coverage. Over the next 36 months, we intend to transform the travel experience for 300 million commuters monthly, unlocking over 2.5 billion hours of digital consumption, where otherwise Apps don’t work reliably, due to unstable or inexistent cellular connectivity.

Role Summary…

We’re looking for an experienced legal professional who is comfortable working in a fast-paced startup environment. We’d love to hear from you if you

a)  can create a legal function that responds to business needs i.e. you just don’t tell business what can’t be done but guide the business teams with creative solutions. Groundbreaking business almost never happens without creative alternatives.

b)  have the ability to operate independently and work proactively with various teams across the organization

c)  have worked in-house in the technology, media, or Internet industries in the startup ecosystem handling a broad range of legal matters including contracts, litigations, IPRs, risk management etc.

d)  can bring legal smartness, business sense, a strong work ethic, and a good personality because you’ll be dealing with challenging legal issues and helping to shape our business strategy.

What You’ll Do…

a)  Advise the leadership team on various business issues including business of the Company, intellectual property, privacy, content regulation, consumer protection, antitrust/competition laws, litigation, employment, advertising laws and regulations, as well as law enforcement and other related issues

b)  Draft, vet and finalize various contracts and agreements; standardize all legal documents and templates for doing business. As a business we sign NDAs and agreements with customers, intermediaries, suppliers, vendors and other third parties including with local Indian businesses, MNCs, government agencies and others

c)  Recommend alternatives wherever regulatory bottlenecks develop and provide functional expertise

d)  Registration and maintaining database of trademarks, copyrights, & patents (Filed, in process and to be Filed)

e)  Establish a robust enterprise risk management mechanism in the company; analytically assess the potentially risk areas; balance legal and contractual issues with business risk; and recommend ways of mitigating or managing them

f)   Prepare and discuss a monthly Risk Assessment Dashboard with the Leadership team

g)  Draft, review and negotiate corporate actions’ transactions documents (Fund Raise, Mergers & Acquisitions) including NDAs, term sheets, SSAs, SPAs, SHAs and other investment agreements

h)  Coordinate, supervise and review the legal due diligence process

i)   Engage and manage outside legal counsel for litigation matters

j)   Prepare monthly and quarterly reports for the legal function review

You must…

a)  Be a law graduate from a premium Law School or reputed university in India

b)  Have 7-11 years of professional experience in the industry, preferably in the startup eco-system

c)  Possess strong verbal and written communication skills and excellent record management abilities.

d)  Demonstrate entrepreneurial mindset – flexible, self-starting, solution oriented and hard-working

e)  Demonstrate in-depth knowledge and understanding of all Commercial Laws, such as Contract Act, Companies Act, IPR Laws, Information Technology Laws, Data Protection Law, Stamp and Registration Acts, and a basic understanding of regulatory framework around Techno-Commercial industries

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