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Don’t let legal research taking too much time for case preparation. Juristway® is a simplified and extensive legal research resource that helps to save your precious time for legal research and gives more time to craft your case!

About the job


JuristWay is a simplified and extensive legal research resource that helps to save your precious time for legal research and gives more time to craft your case!

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  1. Legal journalist with 0-3 year’s work experience
  2. Advocate with 0-3 year’s work experience
  3. CA with 0-3 year’s work experience

Scope of work

Following are the broad highlights of the assignments the selected candidates would be expected to undertake, upon association with us:

  1. Analysis of the fiscal policy, trade policy, and monetary policy.
  2. Analysis of the judgments and orders of the Supreme Court, various High Courts, and the Tribunals on matters primarily pertaining to taxation laws, corporate laws, and other financial laws.
  3. Preparing specialized head notes of various judicial decisions, strictly based on the style and format developed by us.
  4. Keeping a constant watch on the changes in the policy, for instance, changes in the Foreign Direct Investment Policy, etc., latest legal developments, issue of notifications/ Circulars/ rules/ regulations by the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce and Trade, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, etc.
  5. Contribution to the website by writing well-researched articles/ columns/ papers on relevant legal and other contemporary issues, from time to time.
  6. Legal reporting of the news and current affairs highlighting the legal complexities of the issues and their ramifications.
  7. Constant reviewing/ monitoring of the contents uploaded on the website and keep them updated from time to time.

Skills Required

  1. Candidates must be willing to associate with us on a full-time basis.
  2. Candidates with prior exposure to editorial assignments will be given preference.
  3. The position would primarily involve editorial assignments, therefore, the candidates are expected to possess reasonable comprehending and drafting skills.
  4. Candidates must possess skills to understand the complexities in the orders of Tribunals and judgments of Courts, and thereafter capture their essence in a concise and lucid language.
  5. Candidates must reflect interest to work in a wide gamut of laws, especially taxation laws and other financial laws.

Laws Involved

Taxation Laws, Corporate Laws, and other financial laws.


Anywhere from India

How to Apply?

Share your resume with a cover letter, sample of case digest, and News story at kigpl2019@gmail.com

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