About the Company

3N is a next-generation business process optimization company created to tackle the unique challenges faced by enterprises and legal services providers. Apart from realizing intended benefits from the business transactions, our solutions are designed to protect enterprises from avoidable damages resulting from non-compliance. Our technology-based partnerships and outsourcing solutions protect clients from avoidable damages resulting from revenue leakage by filling process gaps that stand in the way of profit realization.

3N is a next-generation business process optimization company created to tackle the unique challenges faced by enterprises and legal services providers.

We are:
– Alternate service provider for ALSPs/legal services companies and provide business development, sales operations, bid management, procurement, legal and marketing services.
– Business partner for forward-looking and fast-growing enterprises through our value-based offerings.

Our mission is to provide quick, effective, affordable and best quality solutions. With our teams’ and global partners’ help, we safeguard client’s interests across transactions.

3N stands for Nimble Negotiation Network.
● Nimble – Provide creative and customizable, high quality client solutions
● Negotiation – Mitigate business risks and secure interests
● Network – Forge affordable global teams and partnerships to curate best quality solutions.

Wondering how we can enable your growth. Please feel free to schedule an appointment https://calendly.com/3n-varun/30min.

About the job

We are seeking a law school graduate with strong research skills who is interested in using that experience to inform and advance the legal industry. The Legal Research Analyst(s) will be responsible for creating and delivering technology-enhanced content. They will perform moderately complex legal analysis, research, and writing.

The Role

• Review case laws
• Monitor a set of jurisdictions to capture litigation data for specified nature of suit
• Abstract specific information from the case judgements/logs
• Update existing database
• Regularly engage with clients to understand the latest development
• Create and maintain research reports, assist with bespoke research projects.

Competencies and Skills

• Excellent writing and presentation skills
• Demonstrate excellent analytical skills – recognizing patterns and drawing and defending conclusions
• Strategic and critical thinking- ability to connect the dots across disparate information and inform a way forward
• Attention to detail
• Business and commercial acumen

Experience and Qualifications

• 1-3 years of experience with legal services company or legal research or legal/ compliance training.
• Experience in research roles at B2B information services companies, in house compliance or legal roles.
• English language fluency is mandatory.
• Knowledge of common legal system is must.
• Understanding of Canadian legal system will be an advantage.

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