1+ Years

Roles and responsibilities:

• Perform the administrative part of the patent portfolio management, i.e, filing and prosecuting patent applications in accordance with our internal policies and patent law in INDIA, USPTO, PCT majorly and other jurisdictions.

• Handling of formal documents, recording of data and handling of tasks and workflows in our IP management system.

• Responsible for preparing and filing documents with related deadlines for various patent applications which are an integral part of the process of patenting.

• Maintaining invention and patent records.

• Responsible for tracking the status of patent applications from time to time & coordinating incoming and outgoing notices/communications from/to Patent offices like from IPO, USPTO, WIPO.

• Responsible for the notifications, reminders and follow ups with the patent office, various stakeholders and clients from time to time to maintain the patent applications.

• Work closely with the drafting team and assist in quality assurance review of patent filings by noting and referring to any errors or omissions.

• Take care of the patent deadlines by ensuring that all filings like patent filing, response filings, PCT filings, National phase filings, renewal payments etc are done in the given deadline with all required formalities.


  •  Flair for research
  •  Good Technical knowledge
  •  Analytical frame of mind
  •  Ability to comprehend complex concepts and employ logical thinking
  •  Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  •  Ability to write and think in impeccable English
  •  Capable of working on own initiative as well as in a team environment.
  •  Excellent computer skills. Must be adept at operation /use of computer applications such as MS office, Internet applications
  •  Self-confidence, integrity, willingness to learn, resourcefulness as well as a proactive and independent approach
  •  Must have sound academic credentials 

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