About the job

Responsibility Deliverables

  1. To learn and manage current contracts, their payments.
  2. To hone professional official letter writing skills.
  3. To understand and learn about contract laws and tender conditions.
  4. To be responsible for managing existing contract files, new proposals both hard copy and soft copy under the guidance of Laisonong Executive
  5. To support the Laisoning team to win and get new projects for the company by supporting the task requested.

Task & Activity 1.

  1. Contract Management: Day to day managing contracts by reading agreements and discussing with the Laisoning executive
  2. Correspondence: Daily basis understanding the scenario and as directed by liaisoning executive and situation and drafting and sending correspondence to relevant gov departments
  3. Payments: raising purchase orders for payments of existing contracts and make sure that payments are made by finance without delay. Receiving correspondence from authorities of tenders or private parties and swiftly acting upon the same as per her/his seniors.
  4. Drafting proposals for new concepts and ideas and presenting and submitting them for review. Detail Project reports legal opinions, etc.

Link to Apply

Click here to apply https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2712661612/

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