About the job

  1. Provide inputs to Head- Legal on legal matters
  2. Assist in preparation & monitoring of legal policies and procedures
  3. Investigate potential instances of non-compliance as well as seek guidance from senior management to administer potential remediation
  4. Perform legal due diligence on prospective partners, new business models, etc.
  5. Prepare, negotiate, vet and finalize all legal contracts (incl. lease,  leave & license, commercial contracts, etc.), identify potential risks in contracts and provide recommendations to mitigate risk
  6. Perform legal research for ensuring compliance with applicable laws, and help layperson client functions frame compliance programmes for the same, including by way of making educative and understandable presentations to them
  7. Liaise with external lawyers, law firms and counsels to get their advice on more complex legal issues
  8. File for IPR and investigate for any IPR violations
  9. Provide support to global McD Corp team on contract related matters
  10. Jointly develop with HR representatives all employment contracts and practices; provide legal guidance on queries related to employment and complex legal transactions
  11. Manage delivery of investigations on financial, technical/criminal infringements, grievances and complaints submitted by internal customers to collect relevant information and take disciplinary action as necessary
  12. Maintain records and follows up on all cases filed against the company for recovery, declaration, writ petition etc.
  13. Manage all litigation and pre-litigation legal notices, including drafting responses to them
  14. Create and update templates of regularly used legal documents for all functions. Keep all agreements, property papers and rights agreements, etc. including certified copies obtained from various authorities in safe custody
  15. Execute legal documentation for new restaurant sites
  16. Provide legal representation for HRPL in all relevant interactions with site owners, landlords, etc. along with Real Estate team.
  17. Attend key industry body meetings as may be required
  18. Manage reporting requirements (legal issues, achievements, etc.) and submit them to senior management
  19. Address irregularities and deficiencies pointed out in internal and external audits

Reporting to: Head – Legal

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